Van Accessories for Interior and Exterior

Most modern vans come well equipped as standard, but every business is different with its own set of challenges and requirements. With that in mind, here at Loads of Vans, we provide an extensive array of van accessories to help the widest range of organisations get the best out of their vehicles.

***Please note accessories are only available as an additional option for your van purchase.

We supply all kinds of ply lining, flooring, racking and shelving to ensure your vehicle’s load bay provides you with optimal efficiency. We also stock an array of gallery racks, roof bars and ladders that will increase your van’s load-bearing capacity or storage. From alarms, bulkheads and CD players to safety bars, toolboxes for small items and work lights, we have everything you could possibly need to help make your business van more helpful and enjoyable.


Pick-up Truck Accessories

For pick-up trucks, we offer a comprehensive range of tops and liners that bring extra security while allowing you to fully utilise every centimetre of space and even extend capacity. Speaking of security, if you need deadlocks, alarms, grilles, internal cages and more – we’ve got just what you need.

nissan navara top liner


Tech Equipment for Vans

If you're looking to modernise your van for comfort and entertainment, we also stock a huge selection of other vehicle-related products, such as satellite navigation systems, Bluetooth, audio systems, DVD players, 12-volt power sockets and much more besides, to make your everyday driving easier.

tech van accessories - camera and display


Crew Cab Conversion

If you need to expand the capacity for passengers in your van, we can help. We supply and fit crew cab conversions for safe and secure transportation of your team. As well as this, we can install convenient interior products such as 12v power sockets, to make it easier for you to charge your tools, battery packs or other electrical goods.

crew cab conversion van


Towing and Safety Van Accessories

For added safety, accessories including steps, work lights and safety bars can be installed so that you can maintain fast and easy access to your cargo and tools. On the van's exterior, you could opt for an amber light to ensure you get noticed when on the road. Tow bars can also be added and adjusted to the right pull capacity so that you can tow a heavier load.


Work with us

At Loads of Vans, we look forward to helping you work smarter and not harder with our handy range of accessories. Whatever you need to enhance your commercial vehicle, we have the best selection of products for both exterior and interior.

Take the time to explore the full range of accessories here on our website and if there’s anything that you can’t find, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Call our team today for more information on our full range of accessories and prices. Whatever make or model you drive, Loads of Vans are here to help.

We also provide a van sign writing service so that you can successfully advertise your business to anyone who sees your vehicle.


All Available Van Accessories:


  • Van Signwriting Services
      Are you looking to raise the profile of your business? Then why not consider high-quality van signage from Loads of Vans. We are experts in customising vans with a whole range of accessories and adaptations to provide safer and more convenient travel, whilst also enhancing the commercial success of your business. If you need van signwriting for your project, we provide top-quality van wraps, printing and installation on your car or van. ***Please note accessories are only available as a...
  • Van Security Systems
    At Loads of Vans, we have a great range of security accessories for your commercial vehicle. We understand the importance of ensuring that your vehicle and its contents are safe and secure. We appreciate that you may have expensive or dangerous tools or other valuable goods stored in your van and that's why we provide and install the best van security systems and accessories for improved and total security. ***Please note accessories are only available as an additional option for your van purch...
  • Pickup Truck Liners, Hardtops and Roll Bars
    Loads of Vans is your friendly and professional supplier of a wide range of van accessories. We're dedicated to helping you get the most out of your vehicle, whether for commercial or other purposes. If you drive a pick-up truck and are looking to extend and secure the load space, we have a vast choice of van tops and liners to suit your needs. ***Please note accessories are only available as an additional option for your van purchase. Pickup Truck Liners - Bed liners and Load liners What are...
  • Van Ladders, Roof Bars, Roof Racks for Vans
    Are you looking to enhance your commercial vehicle? Here at Loads of Vans, we have everything you need to make your van more convenient, practical, and safer for carrying out physical tasks. Whatever type of van you drive, you can adapt the accessories to suit your needs.  ***Please note accessories are only available as an additional option for your van purchase. Van Roof Bars If you need more space to transport large loads safely and securely, you can increase carrying capacity by adap...
  • Van Racking Systems & Shelving for Vans
    Van racking systems and shelving for vans are modular fittings mounted inside a van’s loading space, on the walls, usually from floor to ceiling. They are designed to improve the storage space and keep smaller items such as tools in place. With so many different cargo sizes on vans and depending on the needs of each customer, we consider all projects require a unique approach. Thus, we highly recommend contacting us and discussing your options before you make a final decision. ***Please ...
  • Van Ply Lining and Van Flooring Kits
      What does van lining mean? Van ply lining is a layer of plywood installed on the inside walls and doors of your van with the purpose of protecting the panels against scratches if you are carrying loose cargo, or during the loading/unloading process.   ***Please note accessories are only available as an additional option for your van purchase. Should I ply line my van? Protect your van by fitting ply lining and flooring to its interior. There are lots of benefits ...
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