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Van Security Systems

Van Security Systems - Keep Your Goods Secure – Alarm, Locks, Deadlocks in Sutton London

At Loads of Vans, we have a great range of security accessories for your commercial vehicle. We understand the importance of ensuring that your vehicle and its contents are safe and secure. We appreciate that you may have expensive or dangerous tools or other valuable goods stored in your van and that's why we provide and install the best van security systems and accessories for improved and total security.

***Please note accessories are only available as an additional option for your van purchase.

Van Locks, Slam-Locks and Deadlocks

Our experts can supply and fit a range of top van security locks for your van doors to help prevent theft or break-ins. Choose from deadlocks and slam-locks to ensure that your doors are securely locked.

What are Van Deadlocks?

A Deadlock is an aftermarket security system for vans, operated by a key, with the purpose of adding an extra locking point and increasing security. It is mounted on the internal bodywork and it works by triggering a bolt into a bracket.  

deadlock for van system with key

What types of deadlocks are available?

Our deadlocks can be installed on all doors without affecting the paintwork, both T-Spec and S-Spec.

  • Deadlocks for Rear Doors
  • Deadlocks for Sliding Doors
  • Deadlocks for Cab Doors

What are Van Slam-locks?

Slam-locks are mechanisms that fit with the existing locking system of a door, making it automatically lock when you close it. Like a deadlock, it is opened with a key and it’s useful for couriers or multidrop drivers when they are unable to lock the door. It can be open from the inside so no risk to your safety.

Van Security Grille

For the cabin, we can install a security grille to separate the front from the rear. This is not only beneficial for your safety and protection in case cargo moves in transit, but it also acts as a barrier to the glass and increases the security of the van's contents. Made from stainless steel, the grilles are built to last.

grille for van - handled by driver

Van Bulkheads

You could also opt for a bulkhead for similar reasons and to act as a deterrent to thieves. It keeps tools and stock hidden, it can be tailored depending on the make and model of your van and the best part – it’s designed and built in the UK.

bulkhead for van - white

What type of bulkheads are available?

  • Solid – completely separates the loading area from the cab
  • Punched – allows just enough light so you can see the load
  • With window – you can monitor the load at any time

Van Internal Cages

Internal cages can be fitted, where you can keep your cargo locked away. Designed with heavy-duty materials to withstand, they are meant to add another protective layer to the load space and take thieves more time to enter.

Van Alarm Systems

Although the vast majority of vans will come with this feature as standard, at Loads of Vans we also fit state-of-the-art alarms for your peace of mind and provide high-security toolboxes for better storage of your equipment.

How can I make my van more secure?

To answer this question and give you some extra tips that may help you secure your van, we created a whole article on this subject, so make sure you visit and read the How Do I Keep My Van Secure blog post.

 ***Have a look at what other van accessories we have and upgrade your vehicle to its best version. Owning a pickup truck? read more about our Pickup Truck Liners, Hardtops and Roll Bars.

Call us today for more information or to find out about our latest range of van security products. We can provide a quote over the phone, online or in our showroom.

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