• Van Ply Lining and Van Flooring Kits

Van Ply Lining and Van Flooring Kits


What does van lining mean?

Van ply lining is a layer of plywood installed on the inside walls and doors of your van with the purpose of protecting the panels against scratches if you are carrying loose cargo, or during the loading/unloading process.  

***Please note accessories are only available as an additional option for your van purchase.

van ply lining on interiorvan ply lining and van flooring

Should I ply line my van?

Protect your van by fitting ply lining and flooring to its interior. There are lots of benefits to lining your van in this way; not only does it protect and secure the van's shell from scratches, but it’s custom-made to suit your individual van and business needs.

Do vans come ply lined?

You can order your van with or without ply lining. Many of our stock models come with this option included, but for new orders, van lining can be requested not to be made.

What types of ply lining and van flooring are available?

Select from 12mm non-slip flooring that is custom-built, as well as 15mm custom-built designs made from Birch Wood Hardcore. You also have the option of an 18mm non-slip flooring that can be custom-built for your needs. Sleek grain patterns ensure that the lining looks smart and you can ensure that every aspect is installed by professionals. As standard, 6mm of ply is fitted on the sides and doors, while floors and wheel boxes are fitted with 9.5mm.

van flooring covering the wheel detailcomplete van ply lining

Work with us and install a top ply lining kit or racking system on your van!

All products that we sell are of the highest standard of manufacturing quality, and we won't be beaten on price either. Our engineers ensure that you have the pattern and design you want to suit a variety of commercial purposes. On-demand, we can install van racks and shelves or different other van accessories.

van ply lining installed on side wallsvan ply lining installed on doors


Call us to speak to a member of the Loads of Vans team or start a Live Chat online about your van ply lining and flooring or racking and shelvingneeds. Our experts are on hand to discuss your requirements and offer helpful advice.

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