• Pickup Truck Liners, Hardtops and Roll Bars

Pickup Truck Liners, Hardtops and Roll Bars

Pickup Truck Accessories – Linings, Hardtops, Roll Bars in Sutton London

Loads of Vans is your friendly and professional supplier of a wide range of van accessories. We're dedicated to helping you get the most out of your vehicle, whether for commercial or other purposes. If you drive a pick-up truck and are looking to extend and secure the load space, we have a vast choice of van tops and liners to suit your needs.

***Please note accessories are only available as an additional option for your van purchase.

Pickup Truck Liners - Bed liners and Load liners

What are truck bed liners?

They are protective covers made from heavy-duty plastic, installed on the side walls and bed of your pickup, with the purpose to protect the load space, reduce cargo movement and increase its resistance.

pickup truck bed liner metallic

Pickup Bed Liner

pickup truck load liner plastic

Pickup Load Liner

Select from load liners and bed liners in durable and hard-wearing materials for a vast range of makes and models. These make accessing the cabin easier and safer for you when you are loading cargo. While many vehicles come with a bed liner included, it can erode naturally over time due to wear and tear. Our team can replace your truck bed liner when the time comes at a great price, and you can be sure it will be installed by professionals.  

Pickup Truck Hardtops

What is a Hardtop for pickup?

A hardtop is a solid metallic (or plastic) structure mounted on top of the loading space, similar to a roof. It can be detachable and it’s meant to protect against the elements or theft.

nissan navara orange pickup truck with hardtop - front view

PickUp with Hardtop

rear view of nissan navara with hardtop

Hardtop Rear View

If you're looking for a cover for your load space, we supply and fit a selection of lids and snug tops that are ideal for protecting and securing cargo and other equipment, such as tools. Whatever storage solution you need, Loads of Vans has the staff and the supply to ensure that your query is dealt with efficiently.

Pickup Truck Roll Bars and Roller Covers

What are Roll bars for trucks?

Installed on top of the load space, the roll bars protect the rear windscreen of your pickup from sliding materials or cargo, or in case of a rollover.

styling rolling bars mounted on pickup truck


We also supply and fit other accessories for your pickup truck, including styling roll bars for added safety and protection of your rear windscreen. We can fit rear light guards, which are particularly beneficial for those who carry out a lot of heavy-duty work.

Make sure you check this page to see what other van accessories we can install on your pickup or click here should you require van ladders and roof racks or reliable van security systems.  

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