• Van Racking Systems & Shelving for Vans

Van Racking Systems & Shelving for Vans

Van Storage Solutions in Sutton London

Van racking systems and shelving for vans are modular fittings mounted inside a van’s loading space, on the walls, usually from floor to ceiling. They are designed to improve the storage space and keep smaller items such as tools in place.

With so many different cargo sizes on vans and depending on the needs of each customer, we consider all projects require a unique approach. Thus, we highly recommend contacting us and discussing your options before you make a final decision.

***Please note accessories are only available as an additional option for your van purchase.

What types of van racking kits are available?  

Our high-quality internal shelving for vans is available in three options. We also offer a bespoke service, whereby we can create a design that is personal to you and your specific business needs.​​

All our designs are made from a 15mm Birch Hardwood and are built to maximise your load area. Our shelves have a straight back so that they are even in-depth and only differ in terms of their partition system.

Option 1

Provides a single partition on the first shelf from the bottom, then two on the second. The third shelf has no partitions so that longer or more bulky equipment can be stored. A versatile solution, designed to maximise the loading space.

van shelving insde loadspaceshelving for vans mounted in interior

Option 2

Employs a simple symmetrical partition system, so that each shelf is identical to the other. Similar to the first option, made from 15 mm Birch Hardwood, it’s built from the floor to the ceiling of your van.

van racking system second optionvan racking made from wood

Option 3

Provides a multiple half partition on each of the first two shelves. The third is free from partitions for longer equipment to be stored.

van shelving option 3 inside

Custom van racking

At Loads of Vans, we know how important is to have tailored solutions for your needs and business. That’s why we are committed to helping you find and built the best storage space, no matter if it’s for a workshop or a moving office. Get in touch with us and let us know more about your project.

custom van shelving 1custom made shelves examplebespoke van racking on the side door 


Call our sales team today for more information, discuss your requirements and receive helpful advice about which internal van racking option would be best for you. Alternatively, you can use our Live Chat facility to speak to a sales advisor online. Follow this page to view what other van accessories we can install on your van, van ply lining and van flooring or roof racks for vans

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