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Buying a van

How much is the deposit on a new van?

​If you want to buy the van in cash, the deposit to secure the van is £500. However, if you are taking out a finance agreement, the deposit will depend on how low you would like the monthly payments to be.​

Can you change your mileage allowance on your lease for a van?

There are no limits to the mileage you can do on a finance lease deal.

Do I need a deposit to order a van?

We require a £500 deposit to take a van off sale​.

How will my new van be delivered?

You can choose to collect it from our showroom in North Cheam, Surrey or have it delivered. Please call us for a delivery quotation.​

Will you accept my current van as a part exchange?

Yes, we provide a value for any van that you have to exchange.​

Do you have a physical site where we can view the vans you are selling?

We are the largest new and used van centre in the Surrey and London area. Our dealership in North Cheam, Surrey, is open seven days a week. Here you can find hundreds of different vans in stock, including all makes and models. It's never been easier for our customers to compare vans and make the choice that's best for them.​

Are you an actual Dealer for the vans you are selling?

We hold franchises for Renault, Fiat, Peugeot, Citroёn, Nissan, and Vauxhall, but we also stock a variety of models from other manufacturers, too.​

Are you a well Established Company? How long have you been trading?

We’re part of the Wilsons Group - a family-owned and operated dealership that has been selling vehicles to the public since 1907. That means we're well over 100 years old, which is pretty well-established by anybody's standards!​

Why do the vans appear to be so much cheaper at Loads of Vans compared to other websites?

There's no catch, we just deal directly with the manufacturer and place bulk orders, passing the savings down to our customers. We're impartial where brands are concerned, which means that we only ever focus on providing the best prices and deals possible.​

Are these vans imports?

No, we only supply and sell vans that meet the full UK specification.​

I've got cash to buy my van outright, but most of my friends seem to lease their vans, what are the benefits of leasing over purchasing the van outright?

The most popular method of purchase amongst our customers is a finance lease. Leasing comes with many benefits which you won’t get access to when you purchase a van outright with cash, including:

  • Fixed-price monthly rentals that are tax deductible up to 100%.
  • Contract periods ranging from 24-60 months.
  • The option to continue using the vehicle at the end of your primary lease period.
  • An additional line of finance that may not affect your core banking arrangements.
  • Zero damage or mileage penalties.
  • A final rental, or balloon, payment which can lower monthly rental costs. This can set a value equivalent to a forecast residual value, or can be reduced to take into account potential wear and tear against the resale value.
  • The option to refinance the balloon payment over a longer time period.
  • VAT registration is not required.
  • The majority of the equity accrued in the vehicle over the length of the lease belongs to you.

Can you arrange sign writing for my vehicle/am I still able to fit accessories?

We know that signwriting on vans can be an important way to market and promote your business and services, and that's why do offer a signwriting service. However, we recommend that you use stickers, as they are easier to remove. We can also arrange for accessories such as roof bars to be fitted. Visit our accessories page to find out more.

What deposit do I need?

We generally ask for a deposit to be based on three monthly payments, paid in advance. However, you can choose to deposit different, unequal, amounts each time if that suits you better.​

What happens if I need to settle my lease early?

Whilst it is possible to settle your lease early, we do not recommend it. If you settle your lease early you will have built up less equity in the vehicle than if you continue your lease for the duration.

Servicing & MOT

When do new vans need MOT?

A new van doesn’t need an MOT for the first three years from its registration date​.

Steps to buying a new van

Here at Loads of Vans, we always aim to deliver unbeatable priced vans with excellent customer service.

Other than your home, a van is in most cases the most expensive item you will purchase in your lifetime. We understand it can be very confusing with all the different makes and models on the market as well as HP, Contract Hire, Leasing, finance lease, flat rates, APR's etc which can make purchasing a van a very stressful experience.

With this in mind we have outlined the entire process for you below, which will hopefully help make purchasing a van a pleasurable experience rather than a stressful one.

What type of van do you need?

We have eight fully trained van sales men and women who are able to help you find the right size and type of vehicle to suit your business requirements.

By browsing our Loads of Vans website or talking to one of our dedicated van sales staff, we can help to find the right vehicle for you. Being a multi-franchise and used van centre, we have a large range of vehicles to choose from.

Once you have decided on the type of vehicle you wish to purchase why not visit our showroom in North Cheam, Surrey, to have a test drive. Unlike most van retailers, we hold 100's of new and used vehicles in stock for you to view.​

What requirements do you have?

If you’re unsure what van would be best for you or your business, why not contact one of our van sale staff to help. Simply provide us with some basic information and we’ll do the rest. Requirements to think about:

  • Type of equipment you carry (bags of sand, work tops, carpet lengths etc)
  • Maximum load needed
  • How many people you carry
  • Manual or automatic preferences

Part Exchange Vehicles

We welcome all part exchanges and our sales staff will provide you with a valuation of your van. All we require is the following information:

  • Make and model of vehicle
  • Registration number
  • Year of manufacture
  • Colour of vehicle
  • Current mileage
  • MOT expiry date
  • Amount of tax on vehicle
  • Accurate account of the vehicle’s condition
  • Details of any damage to the vehicle
  • Details of service history

These details are necessary for our sales staff to offer the best price for your vehicle. On acceptance of the price quoted for your old vehicle we will send you a copy of the 'Condition Report', detailing the information taken from you by the sales person for you to check and countersign.

We’ll also send you a 'Trade In Declaration' which is a legal document to confirm that the information you gave us about the vehicle is correct for the underwriting of the vehicle. You can email a picture of the van to us at [email protected]

If you are VAT registered we will also require an invoice for the sale of part exchange to Loads of Vans and the valuation will be subject to VAT @ 20%. We will also require you to send back the signed 'Condition Report', 'Trade In Declaration', your Original V5 (log book) and current MOT Certificate.


We will require a £500 deposit to take a van off sale. Should you require us to fit any accessories, the cost of supply and fit will also need to be taken.​


We have a dedicated business manager and finance team that will be able to advise you on all the pro's and con's of each of the options and will help you decide the best package for you.

Finance approval and documentation

We will fill in a finance application form for you over the phone. Your details will be passed to our network of finance houses who will carry out a credit check on you/your company.

If your purchase of a van was subject to finance on approval we would require a £500 deposit. Our FSA regulated Business Manager will contact you to discuss the details and offer you the benefits of certain insurance products available.

On collection of your van you will need to bring the following proofs of identification:

Driving license (paper and card parts if you have a photo license)
Valid passport
Two utility bills (must be within three months / 90 days old) and can consist of a gas bill, water bill, electricity bill, bank statements (must show transactions), credit card statements (must show transactions)

The finance houses will not accept any form of telephone bills (mobile or landline). The proofs can be emailed, faxed or posted to us but they all must be legible. Our business manager will then explain all the finance documentation to make sure you are happy with what you are signing.

Collection/Delivery of your van

Once you have purchased your new vehicle, you have the option to collect it from our site or we will arrange delivery directly to your door*. On the day of delivery, the sales person that you have been dealing with will contact you to confirm that the vehicle has left the site and is on its way to you. When you take delivery of the vehicle you will need to check the vehicle fully and ensure that:

There are no dents, scratches or stone chips.
The vehicle's tax disc is present.
Any relevant retro fitted items are present (i.e. ply lining, Roof Racks, Pipe carriers, etc).

In the unlikely event that your vehicle does arrive damaged, scratched or stone chipped, you must contact us as soon as possible. The affected areas must be marked in the corresponding areas on the vehicle delivery note – if damage is not marked on the delivery note we will be unable to address the damage. Repairs will require photographs/estimates for us to proceed with the repair.

If everything is fine with the vehicle and you are happy with it, you will need to sign for the acceptance of the vehicle. If you have agreed to a part exchange with us, the delivery driver will check that the condition of your old vehicle is to the correct standard which you had stated and signed for on the 'Condition Report', and drive the part exchange vehicle back to us.

*Delivery is charged based on location. Please inquire for more information, supplying your UK postcode. 

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