• Sell your van fast and safe with Loads of Vans

Sell your van fast and safe with Loads of Vans



If you are looking to sell your van in a safe and secure way, Loads of Vans is one of the most trusted van dealers in the UK, part of Wilsons Automobiles Group. With us, trading in any van or car is a quick, hassle-free process.

How to sell my van with Loads Of Vans?

If you wish to upgrade your vehicle to a new one or simply sell your vehicle for cash, our van buying services will help you do that in no time. Start with a free van valuation and part exchange for your vehicle with us. Scroll down and use the form on this page

What is part exchange?

Part exchange service allows you to trade in your old van as value for the cost of a new one. You could use this value to pay the deposit, reduce the monthly payments or the overall price of the new vehicle that you will choose.

What are the advantages of selling your van for part exchange?

Selling your vehicle privately can sometimes be a long and time-consuming process: time (sometimes money) spent for advertising, preparing the van, meeting clients depending on availability, etc. With our van buying services, you can simply drive your van to us and leave in a new one – a method adopted by over 3.5 million buyers in the UK.

How do I get a free van valuation?

You can have your vehicle valuation simply by filling out the form on this page. No personal information will be required, just your registration number, mileage and a few other details.


Sell your van in three easy steps:


van valuationvan inspectionsell your van for cash

1. We value your van

2. We inspect your van

3. We buy your van for part exchange

Use our form and we will contact you to give you a free and accurate van valuation for your vehicle. Our price will be fair and competitive, based on the details that you provide us with.

The vehicle will have to be inspected by one of our specialists to ensure that it meets our technical standards and that the valuation is correct, based on the condition and details provided.

To complete the transaction, you must bring your V5, any spare keys you may have, the van’s logbook, service history and MOT certificate. There is NO admin fee charge and if we close the deal, you receive your payment the same day.


I’m not looking for a new car, I just want to sell my van today.

We are always on the lookout for good stock, therefore if your van is in good condition, is up to 5 years old, with a maximum of 40,000 miles, please contact us for a convenient, hassle-free way to sell your van with same day payment made straight into your bank account!

Where can I sell my van near me?

Loads of Vans is based in North Cheam, Sutton, London and our aim is to help our customers make easy and safe transactions, no matter if they wish to sell or buy a new van. We are a large, reliable van buying company and van dealership and our success comes from our great customer care and impeccable ethics.

Do you buy any van no matter the make or type?

Yes, we buy any van according to our policy and you will get a free valuation before, regardless of the make, model, or condition. Some of the most common brands are Volkswagen, Renault, Ford, Peugeot and Nissan. However, we don’t buy damaged vans for scrap, so the van must be roadworthy and functional before we take it. 

Selling your van made simple by Loads of Vans

Our goal is to offer you help to sell your used van without any hassle or give you the best advice on how to do that. There is no pressure on you to accept our offer or sign any contract until you are happy with it, or you find a good finance deal that suits your needs.

We know used vans can turn out to be difficult to sell sometimes and that’s why our trained van buyers are ready to help you step by step with the van selling process, providing support and answering your questions.

Get in touch with us today if you wish to ask for more information or book an appointment with one of our members


Free online van buying and valuation form

Complete the free online van buying and valuation FORM and one of our members will get in touch with you ASAP to discuss and offer you a quote.

Vehicle Details

To give you a valuation, please start by providing us with your vehicle registration and mileage.

Contact Details
So that we can send you your valuation, please provide us with your contact details.