• Love our Large Vans

Love our Large Vans

Available at Loads of Vans in North Cheam, Surrey

  • Published: 26 July 2021

When you are choosing a van for your business, it is important that you pick one to meet all of your needs in terms of load space, modularity and payload. When it comes to large vans, you have the widest options available to you because they come in a huge variety of different body styles, dimensions, payload capacities and bespoke modifications.

A large van is the backbone of the UK's commercial vehicle market. So whether you are looking for a standard short-wheelbase van with a one-tonne payload or a high-roof long-wheelbase with crew seats, we can help.

Ideal for larger, longer and heavier loads, a large van tends to offer around nine cubic metres of load space and a payload between 1400 and 1600kg. Typically, a large van will have a high roof making it unable to access underground car parks.

Driving a large van should prove simple enough for most car drivers, taking your load and extra height into consideration. Generally, all large vans have big, clear wing mirrors, car-like gear sticks and controls so that your driving experience shouldn't be too different.

Typical Large Van Specifications

  • Load Space Dimensions: Length: 3m
  • Width: 2m
  • Height: 3.5m
  • Payload: 1400-1600kg
  • Typical Fuel Consumption: 20-30mpg
  • Seats (including driver): Three

Most Popular Large Vans

Here are some of the most popular large vans that we have on site:

Our Loads of Vans dealership is based just outside the capital and we go the extra mile to assist our customers from London. Our selection of Large sized vans is vast and you can visit us by road with the A3 and A24 based near to our premises. Or, if you prefer rail or tube, the London Underground station Morden is a 10-minute drive away.

Please do get in touch with Loads of Vans today by us and we’ll get you on the road with your perfect van in no time.