• Top 7 Vans We Consider The Best Large Vans of 2023
  • Top 7 Vans We Consider The Best Large Vans of 2023

Top 7 Vans We Consider The Best Large Vans of 2023

We have the best large vans available at Loads of Vans in North Cheam, Surrey

    If you are looking to choose the best large van for your business, it is important that you pick one that meets all your needs in terms of load space, modularity and payload. When it comes to large vans, you have the widest options available to you because they come in a huge variety of different body styles, dimensions, payload capacities and bespoke modifications.

    A large van is the backbone of the UK's commercial vehicle market. So, whether you are looking for a standard short-wheelbase van with a one-tonne payload or a high-roof long-wheelbase with crew seats, we can help.

    Ideal for larger, longer and heavier loads, a large van tends to offer around nine cubic metres of load space and a payload between 1400 and 1600kg. Typically, a large van will have a high roof making it unable to access underground car parks. This big load space allows them to be used for a wide range of tasks, from delivery to construction. In most cases, vans are sold as 3.5-tonne vehicles, the maximum weight of the vehicle you can drive on a standard license, but large vans can weigh up to 7 tonnes.

    The high torque output of large van engines helps with towing and makes it easier to drive off with a heavy load. Driving a large van should prove simple enough for most car drivers, taking your load and extra height into consideration. Generally, all large vans have big, clearwing mirrors, car-like gear sticks and controls so that your driving experience shouldn't be too different.

    Typical Large Panel Van Specifications

    Load Space Dimensions:

    • Length: 3m
    • Width: 2m
    • Height: 3.5m

    Payload: 1400-1600kg

    Typical Fuel Consumption: 30-40mpg

    Seats (including driver): Three

    The best large vans available:

    1. Vauxhall Movano

    The new Vauxhall Movano comes with a wide range of body styles and an improved facelift. The load space was also improved offering more storage. Very similar to Nissan Interstar and Renault Master, Movano has a powerful range of engines meant to do heavy jobs. The BiTurbo 2.3 litre diesel engines offer up to 180hp on top of the range models and more efficiency on fuel consumption on the 150hp version than the previous models.

    best large van for payload - vauxhall movano

    The interior has plenty of storage space for different needs, better materials, and an infotainment system that can be linked easily with any android or apple device.

    Vauxhall Movano has one of the largest load areas. In its largest variant (L4H3), it comes with a maximum load length of 4,383 mm, a height of 2,084 mm and a width of 1,765 mm. The volume goes up to 17 cubic metres for this van, and it can carry up to 2,037 kg, making it a great option if you or your projects require massive payloads.


    2. Peugeot Boxer

    Peugeot Boxer shares the same platform with Vauxhall Movano, Citroen Relay and Fiat Ducato, meaning that besides a few differences, it’s basically the same van. The new version of the Boxer has improved Euro 6 engines but there are voices complaining that it might be too noisy or tiring to drive. The 2.2-litre BlueHDi engines are more powerful, having an output of 165 hp and more efficient in fuel consumption. Its electric version, the Peugeot e-Boxer is available from 2021, with a driving range of about 210 miles.

    best large panel van for fuel economy - peugeot boxer

    The interior has good ergonomics, is spacious and the middle passenger has plenty of leg room because the gear-lever was moved closer to the steering wheel. Overall, the cabin has a modern look, with a car-like steering wheel and great options depending on the trimming level.

    The longest model is L4H3, with a maximum load length of 4,070 mm, a height of 2,172 mm and a width of 1,870 mm. The load volume is 17 cubic metres and its carrying capacity goes up to 1,900 kg. Although less impressive than some of its competitors like Ford or Volkswagen, the Boxer proves itself reliable when it comes to payload and efficiency.


    3. Citroen Relay

    One of the oldest large vans for sale in the UK, dating back to 2006, the Citroen Relay is a veteran among large panel vans. The designers have placed practicality above comfort, meaning that it’s able to transport big and heavy loads at a great running cost, thanks to its 2.0-litre BlueHDi engine, and its electric version e-Relay.   

    best large van for endurance - citroen relay

    The interior is designed with hard-wearing fabrics, controls on the steering wheel and a trip computer screen for fuel consumption and other data. The gearstick is close to the driver seat, allowing more space for the middle passenger and the radio supports Bluetooth connectivity with most smartphones.   

    Similar to the previous models described, its load volume measures 17 cubic metres for the largest L4H3 version, 4,070 mm max load length 2,172 loading height and 1,870 load width. The heavy-duty model can transport up to 1,870 kg and will tow around 750 kg.


    4. Renault Master

    The Renault Master (full review here) is a large panel van with great qualities when it comes to loading space and engine power. The latest facelift brings a more attractive design, improved dashboard and an integrated touchscreen. Powered by a 2.3-litre engine, the 180 hp top of the range will have no problem in getting the heavy job done. However, fuel consumption can be improved, with official figures stating a 47.9 mpg for smaller versions like the dCi 150 engine.

    top large van for the longest wheelbase - renault master

    The updated Renault Master comes with some key changes to the interior – a 7-inch media and navigation infotainment with smartphone mirroring and lots of other features, an optional desktop for your laptop and 22 separate storage compartments. Other features count blind-spot monitors, autonomous emergency braking (AEB) front and rear sensors and an alarm system with an immobiliser to improve its security.

    The rear wheel drive (RWD) version of Master can have the L4H3 load area up to a maximum length of 4,383 mm with a load height of 2,048 mm and a total volume of 17 cubic metres. The maximum payload is 2,061kg available for the 4.5-tonne GVW and it can tow up to 3,500kg depending on motorisation.


     5. Fiat Ducato

    One of the major players in the van industry, Fiat Ducato is easy to drive and adaptable to any conditions. It’s powered by a 2.3 diesel engine with a variety of power outputs, with the highest of 180 hp. As part of the Stellantis vans, it has many similarities with the Citroen and Peugeot brands, but it scores more on innovation, safety equipment and payload. It has a pretty good 37.2 fuel consumption and the electric version e-Ducato has an impressive 230 miles range.

    best large van for tech specs - fiat ducato

    One of the strongest points of this panel van is the cab, equipped with the biggest touchscreen available on a van – a 10-inch on the Business Edition. Other tech specs count a digital rear-view mirror, electric parking brake, full LED headlights and the list could go on. The inside storage solutions are generous and a fold-down desk is included.

     The panel van model has a max load length of 4,070 mm, a width of 1,870 mm and a max height of 2,764 mm. Load volume is 17 cubic metres and the 4.25t gross vehicle weight allows a 2,200 kg weight to be carried. Overall, it offers great control over the wheel drive, better performance,  manoeuvrability and it’s for sure one of the best 7.


    6. Nissan NV400 Interstar

    Nissan has rebranded its NV400 to Interstar, wanting to focus more on the commercial vans sector. Likewise, the NV300 was rebranded to Primastar and NV250 is the new Townstar. This panel van shares the same platform with Renault Master and its updated 2.3-litre engine comes with a twin-turbo setup and a maximum of 180 hp on the front-wheel-drive models. It claims good fuel efficiency ranging from 37.7 to 48.7 mpg and like Master, it comes with a five-year or 100,000 miles warranty.

    top large panel van for load volume - Nissan nv400 interstar

    The interior design is smart, made with hard-wearing materials and seems sturdy. Like in Renault Master, the touchscreen infotainment is optional and can be linked with Apple and Android devices. Storage space overhead, under seats, door pockets and a swivelling table are some other features that will transform the cab into a mini office if needed.

    The longest version – RWD L4H3 has a length of 4,383 mm and 2,048 mm in height. The width is 1,765 mm, the load area volume is 17 cubic metres and the 3.5t can easily transport up to 1,340 kg. Overall, it offers a good value for money and a good driving experience in both urban environments and motorways.      


    7. Ford Transit

    One of Britain’s bestselling large vans, in a market where big volumes and heavy payloads are important, Ford Transit is setting the benchmark for its sector. With a great Euro 6 2.0-litre Eco Blue engine and updated in 2019, it has improved efficiency by about 7% and can offer a maximum of 185hp. However, the 130 hp power output is the most economical, with 42.2 mpg.

    the best large sized van for versatility - ford tranzit

    The driver’s seat is comfortable, designed for long trips, with an adjustable armrest. Phones can be connected to the radio via Bluetooth or USB. An 8-inch infotainment system comes as standard from the Trend trim level, and there is plenty of storage space, cupholders and door pockets.  

    The maximum load volume is smaller than some of its competitors – 15.1 cubic meters for the biggest L4H3 version. The maximum length goes up to 4,217 mm, height 2,025 mm and a width of 1,784 mm. The highest payload for the Ford Transit is 2,209 kg on the 4.7t variant, a good improvement from previous models. Overall, it’s an incredibly versatile big van that will give a quick return on investment and decent running cost.


    What other large panel vans are available?

    Of course, so far we have discussed only our preferred large vans, but the list can go on. Here are some other models worth mentioning:

    • Maxus Deliver 9
    • Mercedes Benz Sprinter
    • Volkswagen Crafter
    • MAN TGE
    • Iveco Daily


    What is the best large van?

    The best large van award will go to Ford Transit. Champion of innovation, this van is versatile, fuel-efficient and offers a variety of trims and engine options. No wonder it’s UK’s best-seller from all the panel van variants.


    What is the best LWB van to buy?

    IVECO Daily because it has a maximum load length of 5,125 mm. It can carry almost 4 tonnes, but it can seem lazy when fully loaded.


    Which van has the biggest payload?

    Under 3.5-tonne the Vauxhall Movano can carry a payload of 1,620 kg. However, the 7.0 tonne Iveco Daily is able to transport an impressive weight of 3,973kg in a 19.6 cubic metres load volume.


    Which van is the largest?

    The largest 3.5-ton van is the Renault Master, with the longest wheelbase of 4,383 mm. this version goes up to 17 cubic metres in volume and can carry close to a 1,990 kg payload.


    How can I finance my new large van?

    We have some of the best deals available on the market and plenty of products in stock. Follow this link to browse our new van deals or read more about vans on finance.


    What is the best large van for camper conversion?

    If you wish to know the best base vehicle to convert into a camper, we consider that Ford Transit is the one proper for this job. Some other tops will debate for Mercedes Sprinter, but the final price might be too high to be considered.

    best large van for camper conversion

    If you think this size is too big for your needs, then read our recommendations for the best-medium size van or the best small vans to find the option that suits you better. If fuel economy is your highest priority, then we highly recommend you have a look at the electric vans for sale section.

    Have a look at our stock of large vans for sale to discover the best deals and offers that are now available on our website.  

    Our Loads of Vans dealership is based just outside the capital and we go the extra mile to assist our customers from London. Our selection of large-sized vans is vast and you can visit us by road with the A3 and A24 based near to our premises. Or, if you prefer rail or tube, the London Underground station Morden is a 10-minute drive away.

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