• The Best Small Vans in 2023 - Top 5 Recommendations
  • The Best Small Vans in 2023 - Top 5 Recommendations

The Best Small Vans in 2023 - Top 5 Recommendations

Our best small vans are available at Loads of Vans in Sutton, London

    In this article, we aim to discuss and recommend the best small vans available to buy.

    When you're looking to buy a new van, it’s important to choose the right size for you and your business. You need to make sure it has enough space to carry your load daily as well as it is economical, affordable and fit for your purpose.

    A small van is perfect for navigating tight city roads when you have multiple drop-offs throughout your day if it must fit on your driveway or in a narrow garage. If you aren't carrying a lot of cargo on a daily basis and are driving in town for large sections of the day, then our recommendations could be perfect for you.

    Vans this size are hugely popular for a large number of business owners because they tend to drive just like a car and are typically no bigger than a medium-sized vehicle. You might question why you wouldn't just buy an estate car? Well, the best answer is that with a small cargo van you get better load security. This is because everything is hidden and vans are purpose-built for loading and unloading cargo too.

    These vans are ideally suited for boxes of goods for couriers or florists and are equally useful for carrying equipment for photographers or those with similar professions. The engine is powerful enough to carry up to 1,000kg payload and some vehicles are equipped with huge loading spaces, about 10 times bigger than a regular car’s boot.

    Browse our stock of small vans for sale here or read more to discover our suggestions.

    Typical Small Van Specifications:

    They are the size of a traditional SUV vehicle, with a capacity of about 1.5 cubic metres (10 suitcases) and are a great choice for city couriers as they don’t require extra parking space. 

    Load Space Dimensions: Length: 1.7 m or 5.58 ft

    Width: 1.5m or 4.92 ft

    Height: 1.2m or 3.94 ft

    Payload: 600 – 1,000kg

    Typical Fuel Consumption: 40 - 50mpg or 4.7 l/100

    Seats (including driver): Two


    The best options in the small van sector:

    1. Renault Kangoo

    This comfortable and modern van has been redesigned having the user in mind: it looks better, offers a great driving experience and was voted the International Van of the year 2022 in Europe.

    It is available in 3 types of fuel – petrol, diesel and electric, it has a larger loadspace and a new design inside and outside the cabin. The standard version comes with a volume of 3.9 m3 whilst the longer one can reach 4.9 m3.

    The seats are redesigned to provide more comfort and the new horizontal dashboard is designed to enhance the interior, offering a sophisticated appearance. The electric Kangoo version has 0 emissions, is environmentally compatible and has a range of 300 km or about 180 miles. To find out more, read our Renault Kangoo van review or have a quick look at our current Renault Kangoo van deals.

    best renault kangoo small van interior exterior

    2. Citroen Berlingo

     The Citroen Berlingo has a loadspace of 4.4 m3 and can carry up to 1000 kg. This strong vehicle is a practical small cargo van and comes available in two lengths: the standard 4.4 metres long and the XL 4.75 long. The interior is focused on comfort with highly adjustable seats and soundproof enhancements for noise reduction.

    This versatile van feels like home on all kinds of terrain, thanks to its large wheels (15-16 inches), extra ground clearance and a protective shield for the engine.

    Equipped with a sliding side door, loading and unloading are very easy and it can fit in really large packages.

    The engine offers three choices – petrol, diesel and electric that are more economical than ever, a great performance from Citroen.

    The interior comes with some interesting features like a 3D connected navigation system, voice recognition and mirror screening for its 8-inch screen.

    For sure you’ll love driving this van meant to make your life easier. Read our Citroen Berlingo van review to discover other features or browse through our Citroen Berlingo van deals to find the perfect one for you.

    best citroen berlingo small van interior exterior

    3. Peugeot Partner

     Sharing the same platform with Citroen Berlingo, Vauxhall Combo and Toyota Proace, the Partner is a clever van available in two lengths (Standard L1 and Long Version L2) with a loading capacity of 1,000 kg. 

    Either you opt for petrol, diesel or electric, the new-generation engines are efficient and economical, the manoeuvrability is impressive and driving it will be a pleasure.

    You can opt for higher levels of insulation for the engine and windows to make sure that no type of noise will bother you whilst enjoying your favourite track.

    Peugeot has installed its i-Cockpit to the interior – a smaller steering wheel and a different instrument panel-mounted higher on the dashboard, setting it apart from the other badge-sharing models.

    Other high-tech features count: a stylish and modern touchscreen infotainment system angled towards the driver and the Surround Rear Vision package instead of the rear-view mirror that allows a clear view of the road behind. Our Peugeot Partner van review goes more in detail if you wish to know other features of this small van, or you can check our Peugeot Partner van deals page to see our offers and find the one that suits you and your needs best.

    best peugeot partner small van interior exterior

    4. Fiat Fiorino

    This van for busy cities was introduced in 2008 and has the size of a supermini, almost unique for the UK marketplace. It can be loaded with max. 650 kg and has only one size available. Whilst previous models were available with petrol engines, the current version is equipped with an 80/95 hp, 1.3 diesel, which is also efficient for fuel economy.

    Although much smaller in size as compared to our previous models, the Fiat Fiorino proves itself a great partner for companies with small size parcels, products to deliver or tools to carry. Parking is easier to find due to its size and driving is easy and fun.

    The interior is designed to be comfortable with tech features like a steering wheel with commands, a 5-inch touch screen radio/navigation device, BlueTooth, MP3, USB, and AUX allowing its driver to make phone calls whilst keeping his hands on the wheel.

    Follow this link to check our Fiat Fiorino van deals.

    best fiat fiorino small van interior exterior

    5. Vauxhall Combo Cargo

     The Vauxhall Combo van shares the same platform with Citroen Berlingo, Peugeot Partner and Toyota Proace. Thus, the loadspace is identical in size and capacity – 1000kg in 4,400 litres.

    The petrol and diesel engines have included a set of safety systems and an 8-speed transmission, making the van easy and smooth to drive. The electric version has a range of 170 miles, is highly economical, and it can be charged 80% in about 30 minutes using a fast charger. The Home Wallbox will need about 7 hours and a half to fully charge and is part of the Plug & Go package. For sure it’s one of the top small electric vans.

    Its tech features are similar to the Berlingo and the Partner, like the 8-inch touchscreen and Surround Rear Vision camera to reduce the blind spot. However, in contrast with the other PSA Group vans, Combo has an optional heated steering wheel.

     The interior is spacious, it can host two or three passengers, depending on the seat options. It also has plenty of storage areas, including a shelf above the seats and space under, as well as a tray for your smartphone. The Vauxhall Combo Cargo is for sure one of the top vans on the market, offering a good value for money, low running and parts costs, and a great retailing price. Check our Vauxhall Combo van review here or see our Vauxhall Combo van deals

    best vauxhall combo small van interior exterior

    What other small vans are available?

    Of course, the list can continue with other significant models that are worth mentioning, from the small van sector:

    • Renault Zoe Van

    • Nissan e-NV200

    • Ford Transit Connect

    • Toyota Proace City

    • Ford Transit Courier

    • Ford Fiesta Van


    What is the smallest van you can get?

    Peugeot Bipper, 3.864 meters or 12.67 feet. It has the same length as the Citroen Nemo, but they are not produced anymore. For a new van, you should consider Fiat Fiorino, with about 10 cm longer. These models are shorter than any car van like the Vauxhall Corsa van.

    shortest smallest van peugeot bipper

    Small vans are the perfect companion for those who work and travel around a busy city like London. If you live in the London area, we are readily accessible via the A3 and A24 roads as well as the London Underground station Morden.

    Is a small van not big enough for your needs? In this case, maybe you should opt for a medium-sized one. Check our best medium vans or best large vans recommendation and see if one of those will be a better match for your project. 

    Visit our van finance deals page to learn more about our financing options, and van insurance guides or check out our new van deals in our stock.

    We pride ourselves on our dedicated customer service, so get started with your van search today and call us to book a viewing or to request more information about our vans or pickups.

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