• 6 Best medium vans for professionals in 2023
  • 6 Best medium vans for professionals in 2023

6 Best medium vans for professionals in 2023

The best medium size vans are available at Loads of Vans in North Cheam, Surrey


    A medium size van is the most popular size of van in the UK thanks to its manoeuvrability on city roads, tight areas and ability to fit into most parking spaces and car parks. Not only are they compact and nimble, but they are also large enough to carry two Euro pallets, 8x4 sheets and up to 1.5 tonnes of cargo.

    Purchasing the right van for your business is important so that you get the right specifications you require. Payload, length, width, and cargo access are all features worth considering when on the hunt for a new business vehicle. In contrast to small vans, medium size ones can carry more load, whilst keeping close to the drivability of a regular car.

    Typically, a medium-sized van offers around five to six cubic metres of load space, but the van itself isn't much bigger than a large car. They are usually a popular choice for builders, plumbers, joiners and delivery drivers because of their practicality in size and load space, without actually being too big themselves.

    Browse our stock of medium vans for sale here or read more to learn our suggestions.

    Typical Medium Van Specifications:

    Load Space Dimensions:​

    •  Length: 2.4m
    • Width: 1.5m
    • Height: 1.4m​
    • Payload: 900-1200kg​
    • Typical Fuel Consumption: 30-40mpg​
    • ​Seats (including driver): Three​


    The Best Medium Vans Available Today

    Here are our most popular and best-selling medium vans we recommend:

    1. Renault Trafic

    Considered to be the best medium van for its stylish design, the Renault Trafic has now a facelift that’s meant to improve safety in case of an accident. The loadspace can go up to 8.9 cubic metres with a maximum payload of 1,166 kg, depending on the chosen version. Its typical fuel consumption varies from 43 to 48 MPG according to NEDC official tests.

    best medium van for design - renault trafic

    The rear-view mirror has an integrated reversing camera to reduce the blind spot, its 8-inch touch screen allows to connect a phone, the satellite navigation system is easy to use and the interior is inspired by the company’s car range. There are plenty of storage compartments and it can be transformed into a mobile office with some extra equipment.

    The maximum load area for the L2H2 version is: length – 2,937 mm, height- 1,898 mm and width – 1,662 mm. It comes with plenty of colour choices and the 2.0 litre diesel engine goes up to 170 hp. To find out more, visit our Renault Trafic van review page or see our Renault Trafic van deals.  


    1. Vauxhall Vivaro

    Sharing the same chassis with Peugeot Expert and Citroen Dispatch, the Vivaro comes with a larger payload available, improved fuel consumption and higher comfort for the passengers and driver. Its load volume goes up to 6.6 cubic meters thanks to the optional FlexCargo feature and the maximum payload can reach 1,400 kg. The 1.5 litre is the most economical engine offering 120 hp at 60 mpg.

    best vauxhall vivaro medium van

    Vauxhall Vivaro’s interior has many improved features and is equipped for long journeys: armrests for passengers and driver, ergonomic seats, various storage spaces and even a folding table. Compared to other models in its category, this panel van has many high-tech features like a built-in navigation system, 7-inch colour touchscreen, intelligent speed adaptation, blind spot detection, electrically folding mirrors, traction control and others.  

    It is available with two body lengths with the largest version having a load length of 2,862 mm, a width of 1,628 mm and only one height for all models of 1,397 mm. The engine has 2 turbo-diesel versions of 1.5 and 2.0 litre and an electric version – the Vivaro-e Electric. Read more about this highly sought-after van in our Vauxhall Vivaro van review or see our latest Vauxhall van deals.


    1. Nissan NV300 Primastar

    Built by Renault in France, the Nissan NV300 Primastar is almost identical to Renault Trafic and Fiat Talento. Its best advantage is the 5 years / 100,000-mile warranty and a good running cost. You can choose between a 1.6 litre dCi and a newer 2.0 turbo diesel engine, that goes up to 145hp and average fuel consumption of 48 mpg. The L2 model goes up to 2,937 mm in length and the L2H2 has 8.6 cubic metres of load volume.

    best medium size van for warranty - nissan nv300

    The interior is similar to Trafic, with a car-like design, comfortable chairs and plenty of storage space. The touchscreen infotainment has been updated and can be linked with Apple and Android devices.

    One of its disadvantages is the payload of a maximum 1,148 kg. However, this van offers a good value for money and for sure it had to be included in our list. We have all trim levels in stock, the Visia, Acenta and Tekna, so check our Nisan NV300 van deals page to get the best prices.


    1. Ford Transit Custom

    For sure the best seller in the UK, Ford Transit Custom can be easily considered the best medium van for what it’s capable of. It can fit in 3 pallets inside as standard and it is so appreciated due to its car-like comfortable interior and ease of drive.  The two engine choices powering the Transit Custom are the older (2016) 2.2 litre turbodiesel available with 100 to 155hp and the newer 2.0 litre, TDCi EcoBlue Turbodiesel, from 105 to 170 hp. There is a plug-in Hybrid as well with 0 emissions if needed, congestion and ULEZ exemption.

    best medium van for reliability - ford transit custom

    Ford Transit Custom 2018 facelift comes with better functionality, improved in-cab storage, hard-wearing materials and an 8inch tablet, far better than its previous models. The steering wheel has both tablet and ventilation controls included and its Sync 3 system comes with voice control and phone connectivity.

    For its longest version (L2H2) the maximum load-length is 2,921 mm, height 1,778 mm and width 1,775 mm, with a max payload of 1459 kg, making it one of the most spacious medium size vans for sale.


    1. Citroen Dispatch / Peugeot Expert

    Basically, the same vans with just a few differences, these two models also share the same trim levels. Both can be regarded as the best vans for fuel economy, powered by two diesel engines: a 1.5 litre and a 2.0 litre, offering up to 180 hp. Each one has its own electric version – the e-Dispatch and e-Expert and they are able to carry payloads of close to 1,500 kg in a loadspace of 4,600 – 6,600 litres ideal for professionals with big or heavy tools. Fuel consumption goes up to 55.4 mpg depending on the motorisation and the total weight.

    best medium van for fuel economy citroen dispatch

    These vans are available in three different body lengths, with the longest XL version having a storage area of 2860 mm length and a volume of 6.1 cubic metres. The loading height is 1,397 mm and its width is 1,628 mm.

    The interior is available with a wide set of high-tech options, like touchscreen infotainment, generous storage compartments and even a pivoting table ideal for when you want to turn the cabin into a small office. Although the new versions have massive improvements on the interior, there are voices complaining that the cab is too cramped or that the driving position is not the best. To find more details about these two models, you can visit our Citroen Dispatch van review or Peugeot Expert van review by clicking on the links. Should you wish to see our best deals, then visit the new Citroen Dispatch van deals or new Peugeot Expert van deals pages.


    1. Volkswagen Transporter

    Of course, no top about the best medium vans would be complete without mentioning the classic and well-known Volkswagen Transporter. This van can be by far considered the best medium van for its comfort. With plenty of trim levels, it is a great option for long-distance trips and was voted as one of the most reliable medium vans.

    best mid size van on the road - volkswagen transporter

    The longest version (LWB) has a loading space of 2,975mm, can go up to 1940 mm in height and 1700 mm in width. The load-bay volume can reach up to 9.3 cubic metres and it can carry a maximum of 1217 kg. The 2.0 litre diesel engine offers about 201 bhp for its twin-turbocharged version and the average consumption is 46 mpg.

    The interior is solid, rugged and the elements are well combined. It comes with a standard adjustable leather steering wheel and a screen behind it, to show all the info needed. The infotainment is 6.5 inches, and it can be upgraded to 8.0in. The Transporter T6 is a magnificent middle-sized commercial vehicle, versatile and great for both cargo and passengers. Not the cheapest, but it holds its value quite well in time.

    What is a good mid-size van?

    A good mid size van should provide enough loadspace for about 3 Euro pallets and should carry an average of 1,100 kg. The engine should be strong enough, with over 100 hp and average fuel consumption of 45 mpg.

    What is the most economical medium sized van?

    Peugeot Expert BlueHDi Compact offers an astonishing 55.4mpg. Since it’s almost identical to the Citroen Dispatch BlueHDi, it is safe to say that these 2 are the leading medium sized vans for fuel consumption.

    What is the best second hand van to buy?

    Ford Transit is the best van to buy second hand because it provides the best return on investment, is highly efficient and has the best running cost. No wonder it’s one of the most sought-after vans and considered the most reliable used van in the UK.

    What is the best van on the road?

    Volkswagen Transporter, due to its comfortable interior and great safety standards. This is an iconic van for its class and sets the benchmark for tech and innovation. In the UK it’s one of the top 3 medium vans sold.

    Is a medium van too big for your needs? Maybe you should consider a small van in this case. Have a look at our best small vans top and see if one of those options suits you better. On the other hand, if medium vans are too small we have different recommendations for the best large vans.

    If you are looking to finance your van visit our van finance deals page for more information.

    With such an extensive range of medium-sized vans in stock, we cater for all our customers including those from London. As we are just outside the capital, and accessible via the A3 and A24, your journey will be worthwhile. We are also reachable via the London Underground station Morden. 

    If you need help with finding the best medium-sized van for you, then please get in touch and we’ll be happy to assist you. We have an extensive range of medium-sized vans in stock which you can explore here, on our website.


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