• Explore our Medium-Sized Vans

Explore our Medium-Sized Vans

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  • Published: 26 July 2021

Purchasing the right van for your business is important so that you get the right specifications you require. Payload, length, width, and cargo access are all features worth considering when on the hunt for a new business vehicle.

A medium-sized van is the most popular size of van in the UK thanks to its manoeuvrability on city roads, tight areas and ability to fit into most parking spaces and car parks. Not only are they compact and nimble, but they’re also large enough to carry two Euro pallets, 8x4 sheets and up to 1.5 tonnes of cargo.

Typically, a medium-sized van offers around five to six cubic metres of load space, but the van itself isn't much bigger than a large car. They are usually a popular choice for builders, plumbers, joiners and delivery drivers because of their practicality in size and load space, without actually being too big themselves.

Typical Specifications

  • Load Space Dimensions:​ Length: 2.4m
  • Width: 1.7m
  • Height: 1.4m​
  • ​Payload: 900-1200kg​
  • ​Typical Fuel Consumption: 30-40mpg​
  • ​Seats (including driver): Three​

Most Popular Medium Vans

Here are some of the most popular medium vans we have on site:

With such an extensive range of medium-sized vans in stock, we cater for all our customers including those from London. As we are just outside the capital, and accessible via the A3 and A24, your journey will be worthwhile. We are also reachable via the London Underground station Morden. 

If you need help with finding the best medium-sized van for you, then please get in touch and we’ll be happy to assist you. We have an extensive range of medium-sized vans in stock which you can explore here on our website.