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Renault Master Van Review - Style and Practicality

The new Renault Master is a van that offers style, practicality, and great value. What's even better, is that Loads of Vans stocks a range of new Renault Masters for sale that are available today! Book a time to visit our site in North Cheam, Sutton, and experience this van for yourself! 

Test Drive the Brand New Renault Master Van Today!

The Renault Master is a large, versatile van that is available in a number of variants to meet the needs of businesses and individuals. The Master is one of the longest-running van models on the market and has developed each year to be the excellent van it is today. 


Driving the Renault Master 

For a large, commercial vehicle, the Master pulls extremely well due to its 2.3-litre dCi turbodiesel engine. This engine has improved over time for power delivery and efficiency. The master comes in a choice of front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive, for drivers to choose which drivetrain best suits their needs. Below displays the engine information and power outputs: 

Power outputs Specification Drivetrain
130hp / 330Nm StandardRWD only 
135hp / 360Nm StandardFWD only 
145hp / 360NmEnergyRWD only 
150hp / 385Nm EnergyFWD only 
180hp / 400Nm EnergyFWD only 

The FWD and RWD drivetrains both have their benefits. The Front-wheel drive models offer more power and torque which is more beneficial for heavier payloads. The Rear-wheel drive models tend to have less in-cab vibration, which could be more beneficial for longer commutes. If power is important, then the latest 180hp model would meet all expectations and more. Despite that the Master is a large van, it's easy to drive. The steering is light and offers a nimble turning circle, making it convenient to drive in any location. 


Renault Master - Capacity & Size 

The Master is available in three roof heights, three wheelbases and four body lengths, This means that no matter what type of business you have, the Master has something to offer for your capacity and loading needs. All the Master panel vans come with a single sliding side door on the passenger side. Having a twin sliding door is optional. Below displays the Master exterior dimensions: 

Renault Master exterior dimensions L1H1L1H2L2H2L2H3L3H2L3H3L4H2L4H3
Exterior length 5,075mm5,075mm5,575mm5,575mm6,225mm6,225mm6,875mm6,875mm
Exterior width including mirrors2,470mm2,470mm2,470mm2,470mm2,470mm2,470mm2,470mm2,470mm
Exterior height 2,307mm2,500mm2,499mm2,749mm2,488-2,549mm 2,744-2,815mm2,557mm2,808mm
Side door opening width 1,050mm1,050mm1,270mm1,270mm1,270mm1,270mm1,270mm1,270mm
Side door opening height1,581mm 1,684mm (RWD) / 1,780mm (FWD)1,684mm (RWD) / 1,780mm (FWD)1,684mm (RWD) / 1,780mm (FWD)1,684mm (RWD) / 1,780mm (FWD)1,684mm (RWD) / 1,780mm (FWD)1,684mm (RWD) / 1,780mm (FWD)1,684mm (RWD) / 1,780mm (FWD)
Rear door opening width1,580mm1,580mm1,580mm1,580mm1,580mm1,580mm1,580mm1,580mm
Rear door opening height 1,627mm1,724mm (RWD) / 1,820mm (FWD) 1,724mm (RWD) / 1,820mm (FWD) 1,724mm (RWD) / 1,820mm (FWD) 1,724mm (RWD) / 1,820mm (FWD) 1,724mm (RWD) / 1,820mm (FWD) 1,724mm (RWD) / 1,820mm (FWD) 1,724mm (RWD) / 1,820mm (FWD) 


The maximum towing capacity for the Master is 3,500kg which is dependent on the model variant. The table below displays the FWD and RWD Renault Master load area dimensions: 

Renault Master load area dimensions Maximum load length (mm)Maximum load height (mm) Maximum load volume (m cu)Gross vehicle weight options (kg) 
FWD L1H12,583mm1,700mm8.02,800, 3,300, 3,500kg 


2,583mm 1,894mm9.03,300, 3,500kg 
FWD L2H23,083mm2,144mm 10.83,300, 3,500kg 
FWD L2H33,083mm 2,144mm 12.33,500kg
FWD L3H23,733mm 1,894mm 13.03,500kg 
FWD L3H33,733mm 2,144mm 14.8 3,500kg 
RWD L3H23,733mm 1,798mm12.43,500, 4,500kg 
RWD L4H24,383mm 1,798mm 14.93,500, 4,500kg 
RWD L4H34,383mm 2,048mm 17.03,500, 4,500kg 


Mobile Office 

Inside the cabin, the Master features a comfortable, mobile office that is specifically designed to provide convenience and clever equipment for work efficiency. This includes: 

  • Passenger seat bench with pivoting seatback table and adjustable seat 
  • Up to 105L of storage with multiple compartments in the cabin
  • Multimedia touchscreen with Media Nav Evolution and smartphone integration which is optional. 
  • Small compartments with card holders, coin holders, drinks holders and dashboard storage to carry A4 documents. 


Safety and Security Equipment 


The new Master has been designed to provide the best standard safety equipment from Renault, as well as optional equipment for your business. Some of the key safety equipment includes: 

  • Rear view assist camera (optional)
  • Side wind assist (standard) 
  • Lane departure warning (optional)
  • Active Emergency Braking System (optional)
  • Blind Spot Warning (optional)

Every version of the Renault Master is equipped with an alarm and immobiliser as standard, which can be upgraded if your business needs further security measures. 


Standard Equipment 

Renault Master Business standard equipment highlights:

  • DAB radio with USB Bluetooth and CD player
  • Full steel bulkhead
  • Alarm, immobiliser, deadlocks and remote locking
  • Electric front windows
  • Electric, heated door mirrors
  • Height-adjustable steering wheel
  • Driver’s seat with height and lumbar adjustment
  • Passenger bench seat
  • Overhead parcel shelf
  • Load anchorage points (eight for SWB, 10 for MWB and LWB)
  • Rear step (for rear-wheel drive models only)


Renault Master Business+ (in addition to Business)

  • Wide view mirror in the passenger sun visor (reduces blindspot)
  • Rear parking sensors
  • Keyless go
  • Built-in clipboard
  • Long wheelbase variant here
  • Air-conditioning
  • Additional lidded storage
  • Pivoting seat-back table with dual split under seat storage
  • 12v power socket in load area


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Here at Loads of Vans we know that nothing is quite like experiencing it for real, which is why we have plenty of Renault Master models in stock for you to browse and test drive today. If you need advice, our knowledgeable and friendly team are here to help you take the next step and help break everything down for you. Loads of Vans is easily commutable from the centre of London. A car journey is just 15 miles from the capital via the A3 or A24 roads. If you would prefer to travel via train, Worcester Park train station is nearby, and we can arrange to pick you up from the station when you arrive. You can plan your train journey here

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