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The Best Electric Vans of 2023: From Performance to Efficiency

We analyse the top electric vans to help you make an informed decision in our ultimate 2023 guide

As we speed towards a future of zero-emission vehicles, many people are opting to invest in battery power. But with plenty of options now available here in the UK, where do you start? Luckily, Loads of Vans is here to help; in this article, we highlight the best electric vans of 2023… 

Discover the best electric LCVs by size, which comes out on top in terms of performance and efficiency, the best electric van for payload and the best value electric van. But that’s not all - if you want to know which electric van has the longest range or if you need to pay tax on an EV model, then read on to find the answers to all of these questions and more!

The best electric vans by size

Whether you’re searching for a small, medium or large electric van, we have got you covered. We’ve compiled the best electric vans of 2023 by size so you can decide which is the best option for you… 

Best small-sized electric-powered vans

Thanks to their car-like size, small electric vans have the most models available. Many manufacturers have jumped on the battery-powered bandwagon by making an electrified version available in their range - here we round up the best small-sized electric vans that are big on performance:  

1. Renault Kangoo Van E-Tech

*Best all-round small van* 

best electric small van - renault kangoo e-tech

Highlights of the Renault Kangoo E-Tech:

  • Prices start from £34,975 new 
  • 186 miles driving range (WLTP) on a single charge
  • Rapid charging capabilities of 80% (105 miles) in around 27 minutes
  • Loading volume capacity of up to 4.9 cubic m
  • Towing capabilities of up 1.5 tonnes
  • Benefit from up to 20 driver-assistance safety systems 

Introducing the small but mighty new Renault Kangoo E-Tech (complete review here) which is 100% electric without compromising on everything drivers love about the diesel version. Powered by the latest lithium-ion battery, expect a usable capacity of 45 kWh and as the battery is stored under the floor of the vehicle, you certainly won’t need to compromise on performance or space.

The Kangoo E-Tech is now available in various versions depending on your needs; choose from two lengths for the ‘Start’ or ‘Advance’ models which include medium wheelbase and long wheelbase options. Built for many different purposes, it's the ‘open sesame’ extended side-opening system that really sets the E- Kangoo apart.  How good is this vehicle and more details about its driving capabilities, cargo area and other specs you will learn in a soon-to-come, in-depth review.

We specialise in the sale of nearly new and used Renault vans from our commercial vehicle site in Sutton, London and are proud to be one of the oldest and most trusted Renault van dealerships in the South of England and the UK.

2. Citroën ë-Berlingo Van electric

*Best small van for performance*

best electric van performance - citroen e-berlingo

Highlights of the Citroën ë-Berlingo Electric:

  • Prices start from £29,575 new
  • Up to 171 miles driving range (WLTP) on a single charge
  • Rapid charging capabilities of up to 80% in just 30 minutes
  • Speeds of up to 84 mph
  • Payload of up to 1,000 kg
  • Cargo area of up to 4.4 cubic metres
  • 60/40 split rear doors with 180-degree opening
  • Remote charging and interior temperature control

An ideal solution for business owners looking to transition to 100% electric mobility, the Citroën ë-Berlingo offers ultimate comfort, exceptional loading capacity and lower running costs.

Experience instant performance and a smooth driving style thanks to the immediate power and torque produced from the 50 kWh battery. Size M (standard length) can cater for up to 3.8 cubic metres, whereas the longer Size XL allows for up to 4.4 cubic metres with space for 113 litres of storage inside the cabin. 

3. Peugeot e-PARTNER

*Best small van for choice*


Highlights of the Peugeot e-PARTNER:

  • Prices start from £32,385 new
  • Up to 171 miles driving range (WLTP) on a single charge
  • Rapid charging capabilities of up to 80% in 30 minutes
  • cargo size of up to 4.4m³
  • Payload of up to 987 kg
  • Towing capacity of up to 750 kg

The French brand presents its new 100% electric e-PARTNER. Expect both Panel Van and Crew Van variants available in standard (L1) and long lengths (L2) for a commercial vehicle that adapts to your business needs. 

If you think an electric van offers less space, then think again! Peugeot’s e-PARTNER zero emissions model has an identical loadspace volume to the diesel version, with the added benefit of rapid acceleration thanks to the immediate engine torque. 

The e-PARTNER’s car-like design has an internal height of less than 1.90 metres which means you can access most town centre car parks with ease. Driving and manoeuvring in even the tightest spots is a breeze thanks to its shorter overhangs and reduced turning circle.

4. Toyota Proace City Electric

*Best small van for adaptability* 

best adaptable electric van - toyota proace city e

Highlights of the Toyota Proace City Electric:

  • Prices start from £27,713 new
  • Up to 161 miles driving range on a single charge with the 50 kWh electric motor version
  • Rapid charging capabilities of 80% in just 30 minutes
  • 10-year / 100,000-mile warranty available   

In recent months, Toyota has seen unprecedented demand for its Proace City Electric model as business owners are looking to save on fuel costs. Designed around you and your business, expect no compromises on cargo space as the Toyota Proace City Electric boasts a ‘Smart Cargo’ additional capacity system for extra load length and increased volume.

If you’re looking for adaptability, then the interior cabin offers a whole host of options when working on the go; switch the middle front seat into a handy work surface for in-van admin, while storing your essentials under the seats and out of sight. The tardis-like cabin has room for three adults without taking away from the rear load space.     

Best medium-sized electric-powered vans

Mid-sized vans tend to be the best and most preferred choice for many sole traders and fleet business owners thanks to their adaptability; they are small enough to manoeuvre on city roads, but big enough to fit into most car parks. Here we round up the best medium-sized electric vans that prove to be a popular choice:

1. Peugeot e-Expert

*Best medium van for performance*

best medium electric van for performance - peugeot e-expert

Highlights of the Peugeot e-Expert:

  • Prices start from £39,510
  • Up to 205 miles driving range (WLTP) on a single charge
  • Rapid charging capabilities of 80% in 30 minutes
  • Maximum load volume of 6.6m³
  • Maximum load length of 4 metres

A compact utility mid-size van, the Peugeot e-Expert is powered by a 100 kW engine for a smooth and dynamic drive. Compact, Standard, and Long versions are each 2.20 metres in width (including mirrors). The Crew Van version can carry up to six people across two rows of seating.

Discover the Peugeot e-Expert for sale at Loads of Vans - in stock and available now! Get your hands on the popular Peugeot electric medium-sized van by visiting our Sutton-based dealership which is open 7 days a week. 

2. Citroën ë-Dispatch

*Best medium van for payload*

best electric medium van for payload - citroen e-dispatch

Highlights of the Citroën ë-Dispatch:

  • Prices start from £38,210 new
  • Up to 196 miles driving range (WLTP) on a single charge
  • Rapid charging capabilities of 80% in 30 minutes
  • Choose between 50 kWh or 75 kWh of battery power
  • Maximum of up 6.6m³ loading volume
  • Maximum 1,275 kg of payload
  • Maximum 4 metres of load length

Fans of the diesel Dispatch van can rest assured that Citroën’s electric version is just as comfortable to drive, has as much interior space and loading capacity too. You can optimise your ë-Dispatch model to make it even more practical by adding hitches or roof bars. The model is available in both Medium (4.95 metres in length) and XL variants (5.30 metres in length).  

Discover the Citroën ë-Dispatch for sale at Loads of Vans - in stock and available now! You won’t have to wait months to get your hands on the popular electric-powered panel van when you visit our dealership, which is a stone’s throw from London.    


*Best value medium van*

best value electric medium van - maxus e-deliver 3

Highlights of the MAXUS e DELIVER 3:

  • Prices start from £34,000 new
  • Up to 213 miles driving range on a single charge
  • Rapid charging of up to 80% in 45 minutes
  • Maximum payload of 945 kg
  • Maximum load volume of 4.8 cubic metres
  • Maximum load length 5.37 metres
  • Available in 35 Kw or 52.5 Kw batteries

The MAXUS brand is fast becoming the manufacturer of choice when it comes to choosing an electric van. Redefining the light commercial vehicle industry, the e DELIVER 3 is built to be reliable with safety and driver comfort at its core. 

The smallest of the vans in the MAXUS range, the e DELIVER 3 has been designed to maximise payload and performance to help you get the job done. The electric van comes in a standard-size wheelbase and is also available in a chassis cab version too which offers a maximum payload of just over one tonne.

Discover the MAXUS e DELIVER 3 for sale at Loads of Vans - in stock and available now! Unlike many other commercial vehicle dealerships, we have the best EVs ready and waiting on our forecourt which means there’s no 12 months lead time when you buy from us.

4. Vauxhall Vivaro Electric

*Best medium van for versatility*

most versatile electric van - vauxhall vivaro electric

Highlights of the Vauxhall Vivaro Electric:

  • Prices start from £36,105 new
  • Up to 205 miles driving range (WLTP) on a single charge
  • 50 kWh and 75 kWh battery options
  • Rapid charging capabilities of 80% in 30 minutes
  • Maximum payload of 1,226 kg
  • Maximum towing weight of 1,000 kg
  • Maximum load length of 2.8 metres
  • Maximum load height of 1.3 metres

The award-winning Vauxhall Vivaro Electric is a versatile mid-sized van designed to suit any type of job thrown its way. It’s available in a ‘Prime’ and ‘Pro’ model as an L1H1 or L2H1 panel van and an L2H2 double cab option too. 

Choose from a 50 kWh battery which gives you a top driving range of 143 miles, or the larger 75 kWh battery will help you go even further with a maximum 205 miles of range. Select the Panel Van Pro model for a FlexCargo load-through bulkhead and six-way adjustable driver’s seat. 

Discover the Vauxhall Vivaro Electric for sale at Loads of Vans - in stock and available now! Our Vauxhall range of nearly new and used vans is extensive and includes many of the best and most popular models from the manufacturer. We are located only 15 miles from London, so are well-placed if you’re visiting us from the capital.   

5. Toyota Proace Electric

*Best medium van for performance* 

top electric van for performance - toyota proace

Highlights of the Toyota Proace Electric:

  • Prices start from £38,378 new
  • 100 kW electric motor with 50 KWh or 75 kWh battery options
  • Up to 205 miles driving range on a single charge
  • Rapid charging capabilities of 80% in 32 minutes
  • Maximum payload of 1,226 kg
  • Maximum towing capacity of 1,000 kg
  • 10 years / 100,000-mile warranty as standard

A step up from the smaller Proace City Electric model, Toyota’s mid-sized Proace Electric van has zero emissions at the tailpipe while providing excellent performance and all round reliability. 

A van designed for all your business needs, its flexible loading design makes light work of the toughest jobs. Expect practical rear door access thanks to a low-loading floor alongside a clever storage design to maximise valuable load space.

Discover the Toyota Proace Electric for sale at Loads of Vans - in stock and available now! As one of the biggest van centres in the UK, we have a huge amount of choice so head over to our Sutton-based dealership near London to explore our electric range in more detail.  

Best large-sized electric-powered vans

Large-sized vans are usually a popular choice for delivery drivers and moving companies due to their spacious interiors. Here we round up the best electric vans that are large-sized and winning over drivers:


*Best large van for performance* 

Top electric large van for performance - maxus e-deliver 9

Highlights of the MAXUS e DELIVER 9:

  • Prices start from £63,000 new
  • Up to 219 miles of driving range (WLTP) on a single charge
  • Rapid charging capabilities of 80% in 40 minutes
  • Maximum payload of 1,290 kg
  • Maximum body length of 6.6 metres
  • Maximum towing capacity of 750kg (braked)

Meet MAXUS’s big brother to the smaller e DELIVER 3 model - introducing the e DELIVER 9 large-sized van that has even more space. Boasting an equally impressive performance, there is a choice of three battery sizes, including the 51.5 kWh, 72 kWh or 88.55 kWh configuration. 

The model is available in MH, LH, N2, MC CAB, LC CAB and LC CAB N2 variants with three seats up front, making room for a good cargo volume between 9.7m³ to 11m³.

2. Fiat E-Ducato

*Best large van for driving range* 

highest range electric large van - fiat e-ducato

Highlights of the Fiat E-Ducato:

  • Prices start from £56,625 new
  • Up to 230 miles of driving range on a single charge
  • Choose from 47 kWh or 79 kWh battery configuration options
  • Up to 10 years / 135,000-mile battery warranty
  • Maximum 17 cubic m of load volume 
  • Maximum load capacity of up to 1,900 kg
  • Available in 3 lengths and 3 heights

Fiat describes their E-Ducato model as an ‘electric commercial vehicle ready for every mission’ so it seems like you’re in pretty good hands when it comes to sourcing a large van for your business. 

Fiat’s smart charging setup means you can top up your battery power at home, in the office or on the go with rapid charging of 62 miles in under an hour. Choose between a medium wheelbase, medium-long wheelbase, long wheelbase or XL wheelbase for an electric van length which is as adaptable as you are.   

3. Ford E-Transit

*Best value large van* 

best electric van for value - ford e-transit

Highlights of the Ford E-Transit:

  • Prices start from £48,045 new
  • Up to 196 miles of driving range on a single charge
  • Rapid charging capabilities of 80% in just 34 minutes
  • Maximum gross payload of 1,711 kg
  • Maximum load volume of 15.1m³

Winning awards left right and centre, the Ford E-Transit is a favourite for business owners looking to invest in a large van. Experience an all-electric drive of a 68 kWh battery without compromising on the benefits of a commercial vehicle that is larger than life.

The E-Transit is available in two heights (H2 and H3) and three different lengths (L2, L3, and L4) with up to 25 different configurations - the choice is yours! Even better, you can choose an enclosed van or open chassis cab if you require a real workhorse of a vehicle.  

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Electric van FAQs

Which 2023 electric-powered van has the longest range?

In the small van category, it’s the Renault Kangoo E-Tech that has the longest range with 186 miles on a single charge. If you’re looking for a medium-sized van with a decent driving range, then opt for the MAXUS e DELIVER 3 which peaks at 213 miles. Out of the large van category, it is the Fiat E-Ducato that takes the crown by reaching up to 230 miles of range.      

What is the best-selling electric van in the UK?

The Vauxhall Vivaro Electric is the UK’s best-selling battery-powered van. Figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers (SMMT) show that 5,038 models were sold in 2022.  

Are electric vans cheaper to run?

Electric vans tend to be cheaper to run than their petrol or diesel counterparts. EVs don’t require fuel and are powered by electricity, so if the fuel prices are higher (which they usually are) then it will cost more to fill up than plug in. Consider MOT and servicing costs too - new electric vans don’t need an MOT for the first three years and can go further in between scheduled services. 

How long do electric vans last?

How long electric vans last really does depend on the battery. Most EV batteries are under warranty for between 8 to 10 years, but it is expected that an E-vehicle battery could last up to 20 years before it needs replacing. 

Do you pay tax on electric vans in the UK?

Due to their zero emissions status, the electric range don’t pay any tax in the first year or any subsequent year as it stands in 2023. However, the UK Government has announced that from 2025 it plans to introduce a low tax bracket for all EVs.  

Do electric cars and vans need an MOT?

As with standard combustion engine vehicles, EVs are required to have an MOT by law once they are three years old. 

Are electric vans cheaper to insure than cars?

Most electric vehicles tend to be a bit pricier than those with motorised engines. This is because parts for electric vans and cars are newer and generally more expensive. However, on our website, you can find some of the best leasing deals.

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Demand for light commercial vehicles (LCVs) remains at an all-time high and the strength of the used van market continues to be defiant. If you’re hoping to get your hands on an electric van, then we have a huge van range for sale and in stock right now… 

Many dealerships have long waiting lists of up to 12 months, whereas we can sell you an EV today. There are plenty of benefits to zero emissions driving - from free access to London’s congestion zone and ULEZ, to reduced running costs and of course the environmental advantages too.    

You may even be eligible for a Government grant to help fund your electric van purchase and don’t forget you could take advantage of the 2023 Van Scrappage scheme as well. For more details, check our guides in the 'News' section. Interested to know how can you optimise your EV's performance? Read more in our Electric Van Range Guide here. 

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