• New Peugeot e-Partner Electric Van
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New Peugeot e-Partner Electric Van

Peugeot e-Partner Electric - fully electric, small van

Peugeot e-Partner Electric Van Review

We have the new Peugeot e Partner electric van in stock and ready to drive away. For a small van, the e-Partner packs a lot of punch and now it's greener so better for the planet and your business finances. If you are looking for an e-Partner for sale then come to our van centre today and view our stock. 

 About the e-Partner Electric

The Peugeot e-Partner Electric is a small, fully electric van that delivers for a wide range of commercial needs. This van is packed with benefits for your business and solutions for those looking to 'go green'. This includes reduced motoring costs, zero emissions and a better driving experience. This van was the winner What Van? ‘Electric Van of the Year’ Award for 2022, showcasing how innovative and practical this small, electric van is. Two body lengths are available for this van (Standard and Long) as well as two trims (Professional Premium and Asphalt Premium).


Peugeot e-Partner Electric - Range and Charging 

The e-Partner features a 100kW motor that is paired with a smooth 50kWh battery. This is the same setup that is offered in the larger Peugeot e-Expert van. This provides a generous range of up to 171 miles, which is plenty for commuting and daily business operations. This battery is covered to retain at least 70% of its original battery for eight years or 100,000 miles. As standard, the e-partner offers fast charging, which will generate 0-80% charge in 30 minutes. For home charging, a standard 7.4kW wall box will charge the battery in seven and a half hours. 


e-Partner Electric - Performance 

The 136bhp electric motor delivers impressive performance figures, with a capable 0-62 in 11.7 seconds and 260Nm of torque. This makes the e-Partner more powerful than the diesel model, with instant torque at any speed due to its electric motor. The three driving modes that are available are Eco, Normal and Power. Eco mode restricts the power to preserve range, normal is for standard driving use and Power mode is beneficial for uphill stretches, heavy payloads or for towing purposes. 


Peugeot e Partner - Loading Capacity & Size 

There is a choice of two body lengths with the new e-Partner -  Standard or Long. Below displays both body lengths exterior dimensions: 

Peugeot e-Partner exterior dimensionsStandardLong
Height 1,796mm1,812mm


Peugeot fitted the battery pack under the floor, providing extra loading space in the rear of the van. The Multiflex bulkhead also allows longer items to be loaded. The standard van has a payload of 803kg and the longer model has a payload of 751kg. What's more, the e-Partner has a towing capacity of up to 750kg, making it suitable for most trades. Below displays the load space dimensions: 

Peugeot e-Partner load space dimensionsStandardLong
Maximum load length to bulkhead1,781mm2,131mm
Maximum load length with Multiflex3,090mm3,440mm
Maximum load height1,236mm1,243mm
Maximum load width 1,236mm1,236mm
Width between the wheelarches1,229mm1,229mm 
Standard load volume3.3 cubic metres3.9 cubic metres
Maximum load volume with Multiflex3.8 cubic metres4.4 cubic metres


Electric e-Partner - Interior 

The Peugeot e-Partner's interior was designed for comfort and efficiency, making your daily journeys to work convenient and enjoyable. The Professional Premium model features air conditioning, cruise control and an eight-inch infotainment system. Peugeot has also considered how to maximise the amount of space in the e-Partner. This includes a load-through flap in the rear bulkhead that allows items up to 3.4 metres long to be carried inside the van. Also, the passenger seat can be folded out the way to unlock an extra 500 litres of capacity. 


Technology and Safety 

The van showcases a range of technology to increase convenience and safety. There is a digital instrument cluster that displays information about driving modes or sat-nav directions. This helps you read information without losing your focus on the road. On the Professional Premium model, the infotainment display comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, providing a smarter, safer way to use your phone while you drive. Another key safety feature on the Asphalt Premium is front and rear parking sensors and a camera system with a rearview and blindspot view. 



All About Electric Vans

Here at Loads of Vans we know that nothing is quite like experiencing it for real, which is why we have plenty of electric vans in stock for you to browse and test drive today.  There are so many benefits for making the jump to electric, such as saying goodbye to the ULEZ charge if you drive around London, but if you’re unsure, our knowledgeable and friendly team are here to help you take the next step and help break everything down for you. Loads of Vans is easily commutable from the centre of London. A car journey is just 15 miles from the capital via the A3 or A24 roads. If you would prefer to travel via train, Worcester Park train station is nearby, which we can arrange to pick you up from the station when you arrive. You can plan your train journey here


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