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New Renault KANGOO E-Tech Van

The New Kangoo Electric - Review and Specs - 2024

Get ready to meet the new Renault Kangoo E-Tech 2024 model which is classed as one of the best electric vans of last year's for its range in the small commercial vehicle segment. Fans of Renault’s predecessor - the Z.E. - will welcome a bigger battery for even more miles fully charged (it now boasts a 45kWh versus the previous 33kWh capacity), supported by rapid charging capabilities.

This award-winning electric van is a popular pick for its car-like feel and user-friendly features. Well-designed storage solutions and a surprisingly spacious interior make it ideal for sole traders and business owners looking to go green.

Londoners navigating the ULEZ zone will especially appreciate this zero-emissions option. Renault, a leader in electric vehicles, is committed to developing innovative electric driving solutions through their "Renaulution" strategy. This commitment is evident in groundbreaking models like the Renault Zoe and Megane e-Tech, and this electric van is no exception.

 renault kangoo e-tech electric oyster grey parked

Kangoo E-Tech - review highlights: 

  • Up to 186 miles of range, full charged
  • Top speed of 81 mph
  • 45 kWh power
  • Rapid charging capabilities of 80% in just 27 minutes
  • Up to 4.2 m³ loading volume
  • Payload of up to 1000 kg
  • Up to 1.5 tonnes of towing
  • Fitted with up to 20 driver-assistance systems
  • Prices start from £34,975 new
  • Available in six colours
  • 8-year/100,000 miles battery warranty cover


The E-Tech - model versions 

Renault is already streets ahead by releasing its second generation small electric van, while many other manufacturers have only just released their first electrified model.

There are two body lengths to choose from - an L1 and L2 variant - which Renault refers to as ML (medium lenght) and LL (long length). Trim-wise, there are two options for the UK market; a ‘Start’ entry-level model and the ‘Advance’ model which includes even better equipment. Both are available in the two-wheelbase options, resulting in four variations across the range: 

  1. Start Van MWB
  2. Start Van LWB
  3. Advance Van MWB
  4. Advance Van LWB 

Start Van MWB (click to see our van deal)

  • All New KANGOO E-Tech 100% electric ML19 Start RC Panel Van
  • Starting from £31,350 new (basic price after plug-in grant)
  • DAB radio with Bluetooth connectivity, USB socket and AUX input
  • Cruise control with speed limiter
  • Automatic monozone air conditioning with heat pump 

Start Van LWB 

  • All New KANGOO E-Tech 100% electric LL21 Start RC Panel Van
  • Starting from £32,850 new (basic price after plug-in grant)
  • DAB radio with Bluetooth connectivity, USB socket and AUX input
  • Cruise control with speed limiter
  • Automatic monozone air conditioning with heat pump 

Advance Van MWB 

  • All New KANGOO E-Tech 100% electric ML19 Advance RC Panel Van
  • Starting from £32,350 new (basic price after plug-in grant)
  • EASYLINK display with 8” touchscreen, DAB radio, Bluetooth and smartphone integration
  • Front passenger bench seat 

Advance Van LWB 

  • All New KANGOO E-Tech 100% electric LL21 Advance RC Panel Van
  • Starting from £33,850 new (basic price after plug-in grant)
  • EASYLINK display with 8” touchscreen, DAB radio, Bluetooth and smartphone integration
  • Front passenger bench seat 


New Kangoo E-Tech - design and dimensions 

Based on the standard combustion engine of the Renault Kangoo (review here), you’ll no doubt notice some subtle design differences between the two models. The Kangoo EV boasts a striking new look which has already seen it gain global recognition for innovative and functional design. 

Make light work of your daily duties thanks to dual side opening sliding doors for convenient access when loading and unloading your cargo. The long wheelbase even provides an extra 200 mm of opening space.

grey renault kangoo electric e-tech side view open doors


Our table below highlights everything you need to know about the dimensions, volumes and weights of the Kangoo Medium Wheelbase and Long Wheelbase versions:





Loading Area



Loading volume behind bulkhead partition

3.3 dm³

3.3 dm³

Height of hinged doors

1,893 mm

1,893 mm

Maximum load volume

3.3 m³

4.2 m³

Exterior Dimensions



Overall length

4,486 mm

4,910 mm

Overall width with/without door mirrors

2,159 mm/1,860 mm

2,159 mm/1,860 mm

Overall height

1,864 mm

1,854 mm


2,716 mm

3,100 mm

Front overhang

960 mm

960 mm

Rear overhang

810 mm

850 mm

Side loading door length

613 mm

813 mm

Loading Area



Loading height

1,215 mm

1,215 mm

Loading width

1,806 mm

2,230 mm

Weights and Loads



Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)

2,230 kg (Start) 2,260 kg (Advance)

2,680 kg (Start) 2,540 kg (Advance)

Kerb weight

1,416 kg (Start) 1,464 kg (Advance)

1,693 kg (Start) 1,565 (Advance)

Max payload

850 kg

987 kg

Max load on front axle

914 kg

914 kg

Max load on rear axle

642 kg

642 kg

Max towable weight




1,500 kg/750 kg

1,500 kg/750 kg

Easy inside rack (optional)



Loading length

2,009 mm

2,433 mm

Loading width

456 mm

456 mm

Loading height

189 mm

189 mm


Electric Kangoo - exterior and interior choices 

Renault aims to give its customers even more choices with the Start and Advance models. Choose from six core colours to give your Kangoo that more distinct look in solid or metallic paint finishes: 

  1. Mineral white
  2. Urban grey
  3. Starry black
  4. Highland grey
  5. Oyster grey
  6. Carmine red 

When one set of wheels just won’t do, instead choose from the basic 16-inch steel wheels, mid-range 16-inch flex wheel trims, and top-end 16-inch alloy wheel trims which really do look the part.  

On the inside, you have a choice of two hard-wearing interior cloth variants; standard black fabric upholstery, or to elevate your interior cabin, opt for a black fabric cloth with yellow accents.


How about adding some accessories to your E-Tech?

Renault offers a choice of five add-ons to your Start or Advance electrified model for a bespoke finish that will really help get the job done:



Protect the inside of your E-Tech van with premium wood for the floor, wheel arches and side panels, and never worry about interior damage when loading heavy or sharp objects.


Create room for extra storage by adding a rack to the roof which can hold up to 100 kg of external equipment that can be safely secured.

 roof rack for renault kangoo e-tech electric - detail view


Why not add a swan-neck tow bar onto the back of your E-Tech van so you can tow a trailer at a moment’s notice?

 towbar pack for renault kangoo electric


If you work in wet and muddy conditions but want to keep your interior cabin as clean as can be, then protect the front floor with easy-to-clean waterproof rubber matting.

 interior rubber mats for kangoo electric e-tech


Protect the lower body of your Kangoo van from the elements by investing in mud flaps to stop water and mud from splashing in those hard-to-clean areas.   

 mud flaps for renault kangoo electric e tech


Battery power and charging capabilities of the E-Tech van

Driving an electric vehicle means you must rely on electricity to power the battery, so you’ll want to know you can easily charge at home, at work and on the go. With the Kangoo EV, you’re in safe hands; charging is made easy with the 22 kw 80 DC charger.

Connect your van to a standard wall box unit or rapid charger for 80% of a full battery (around 105 miles of driving distance) in under 45 minutes, so you can spend more time on the road and less time waiting around. 

Here’s how long it will take to charge your van to 100% capacity depending on what unit you use: 

  • Rapid Charger - 50kW DC = 1 hour 28 minutes, 80kW DC = 1 hour 34 minutes
  • Public Charger - 22kW AC = 2 hours 2 minutes, 11kW AC = 3 hours 42 minutes
  • Home Charger - 7.4W AC = 7 hours 10 minutes
  • Public Charger / Wallbox - 3.7kW AC = 14 hours 5 minutes
  • Domestic Socket = 2.3kW AC = 25 hours 30 minutes 

When at home or at work, you can charge it at any time by using the Renault-approved smart chargers powered by Mobilize Power Solutions. But don’t let being on the road concern you when you’re low on battery, as Renault vehicles are compatible with an extensive network of public chargers in the United Kingdom and abroad. 


Kangoo E-Tech driving range and top speed

If you’re looking to go the distance in a small van, then you’re onto a winner with the Kangoo EV. Beating its competitors in the small LCV category, this model can reach distances up to 186 miles (WLTP figure) of driving range on a single charge.

digital speedometer for kangoo etech electric

Experience regenerative power to help you go even further on your journey; three specially designed braking modes will extend the range of your E-Tech electric van by recovering energy when you slow down or break - especially useful when you’re stuck in traffic.

When you’re on the open road, expect a top speed performance of 81 miles-per-hour so you can make light work of motorway driving, with an acceleration speed of 0-62mph in just over 11 seconds. 


What’s the driving experience like in the Kangoo’s electrified version? 

Enhancing the daily drive is something that Renault invests time and money in, so you can expect up to 20 advanced driver assistance systems as standard. Ease-of-use is an important factor - especially when you’re running a fast-paced business - so every little helps. 

Renault recognises this and lends a helping hand with the addition of automatic headlights and windscreen wipers, electric windows, heated and electrically operated adjustable door mirrors, and a dedicated driver information display to name a few attributes…


Outperforms its diesel equivalent  

All electric vehicles are automatic, so changing gear is a thing of the past. EV sceptics will be pleasantly surprised by the power offered by the E-Tech’s 121 bhp electric motor which not only outperforms its Z.E. predecessor, but the 1.5-litre diesel equivalent too. 

With this in mind, for a van with a weighty battery pack (located underneath the vehicle floor), it is surprisingly nippy - especially around town - and doesn’t do a bad job of handling the traffic on main roads and motorways too. While 0-62 mph in just over 11 seconds and a top speed of 81 mph isn’t breaking records in the small van segment, it’s certainly nothing to be sniffed at either and is easily capable of overtaking without towing a trailer.


Solid handling and promising performance 

Renault’s Eco-mode can reduce the power from the battery by around 35% to help get even more miles out of a single charge. Bumps in the road are tackled pretty well with little disturbance to the driver and passengers in the cabin - but we’d recommend you still try and avoid the potholes! The handling is solid and approaches corners in its stride with little ‘wallow’ to worry about. 

All-in-all it’s a great little performer of a van and is a trusty sidekick when it comes to the day-to-day running of a business.


Equipment to enhance reliability and safety in the Kangoo E-Tech van 

Renault preaches that safety is a number one priority and true to its word, they have included up to 20 driver-assistance systems for an altogether more secure in-van experience when you’re behind the wheel. A choice of three advanced driver assist packs is available to choose from depending on your needs as a driver:


Features and technology 

In alphabetical order, here’s what you can expect from Renault’s 100% electric small van: 

renault kangoo electric interior

  1. 360-degree parking sensors and hands free parking 
  2. Active emergency braking system with vehicle detection
  3. Adaptive cruise control
  4. Automatic high-beam
  5. Blind spot warning
  6. Driver attention alert
  7. Highway and traffic jam assist
  8. Hill start assist
  9. Grip Xtend
  10. Lane keeping assist
  11. Over speed prevention and traffic sign recognition
  12. Park assist systems
  13. Rear view assist
  14. Rear view camera
  15. Road sign recognition and speeding alert
  16. Sidewind assist
  17. Traffic jam and highway companion
  18. Trailer sway assist
  19. Wide view mirror
  20. “Zoning” function 


Practical connectivity 

Whether you’re a self-employed individual, a busy business owner or part of a bustling workforce, you need to be able to communicate with your customers and colleagues even when you’re on the go. Renault’s EASY LINK multimedia system will enable you to customise your daily driving experience at the touch of a button. 

kangoo electric van infotainment connected with phone

Connect your iPhone or Android device via Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay or Android Auto for a hands-free experience, as well as accessing in-van entertainment to make the most of your journey. 


Comfort and convenience 

Get even more for your money thanks to Renault’s range of fittings courtesy of the Kangoo’s Cargo Pack. Benefit from the cleverly designed Easy Inside Rack that allows you to transport long items. The retractable interior rack is fitted to the interior roof so you can load lengthier items of up to two metres while still having plenty of space on the floor. 

Secure your cargo by utilising up to 10 lashing rings dotted around the floor and sides, meaning you can keep even the most delicate items safe. Loading and unloading your cargo in the dark is nothing to worry about as the cargo area boasts LED lighting which is three times more powerful than standard van interior lighting. 

You won’t have to worry that using the air conditioning will drain the battery thanks to Renault’s automatic monozine air-con system which is included as standard. The automatic monozone air conditioning unit with heat pump is so efficient that it will reduce the energy required to heat or cool the van.


How much does the Kangoo Electric E-Tech Van cost? 

Prices for the new Renault Kangoo Van E-Tech 100% electric van start from £28,100 for the ML19 E-Tech Start RC Panel Van (basic price after plug-in vehicle grant). 

Renault customers can benefit from even more reassurance when purchasing a new van; receive a ‘Charged Up’ wallbox and a three-year or 60,000 mile (whichever comes first) service plan included as standard.


What are the pros and cons of a fully electric Kangoo? 

It’s always a good idea to explore the competition and make a note of the pros and cons before you make a final decision - below we’ve lent you a helping hand: 

Kangoo Van E-Tech PROS

Kangoo Van E-Tech CONS

Based on the best-selling popular diesel engine

Only one battery option available

A very competent model

Only available as a panel van right now

Plenty of interior space

Only a one or two seat configuration available

Can carry a greater payload

Slightly slower than its rivals

Can travel more distance on a single charge

More expensive than other models




Kangoo E-Tech Van FAQs:


  • When did the Kangoo E-Tech come out?

The original Kangoo Z.E. electric van was first released in 2012 and was reimagined as the Renault Kangoo Van E-Tech in January 2023.


  • What is the range of a Renault Kangoo 45kWh electric?

The electrified Renault Kangoo can reach distances of up to 186 miles on a full charge.


  • Is the Renault Kangoo E-Tech reliable?

While it’s not considered the most reliable van in the small vehicle segment, the Kangoo EV shouldn’t be overlooked in regards to reliability as it certainly outperforms the likes of Peugeot and Vauxhall. 


  • How long does it take to charge an electric Kangoo at home?

The electric Kangoo has rapid charging capabilities of 80% in just 27 minutes on a fast terminal. Using a 7.4W AC home charger takes 7 hours and 10 minutes for a 100% battery.  


  • How much is a Renault Kangoo electric in the UK?

Prices for the Renault Kangoo E-Tech van start at £28,100 new for the Start Van MWB, £29,600 from new for the Start Van LWB, £29,100 new for the Advance MWB, and £30,600 new for the Advance Van LWB (all quoted prices are the basic price after plug-in vehicle grant).


  • What is the warranty on the E-Tech Kangoo EV battery?

Renault’s generous warranty package covers the battery for eight years or 100,000 miles (whichever comes first).


  • How much towing capacity does the Renault Kangoo Electric have?

Despite the myth that electric vans are unable to tow, the Kangoo E-Tech has towing capabilities of up to 1.5 tonnes.


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