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The New Fiat Doblo Review & Specs - 2023

Discover just how much the small but mighty Doblo van can offer your business; from its car-derived design to spacious interior dimensions and everything in between 

Business owners and sole traders looking for a small-sized van can benefit from everything that the new Fiat Doblo offers to professionals.

Compact vans are ideal for different purposes and are preferred by many drivers for their car-like driving experience. The size of a small van means that the likes of a Doblo can be parked in a standard car parking space and will easily fit in multistorey car parks too - making them ideal for city life.

When it comes to storage, small vans are surprisingly spacious inside - some literally tardis-like in their design - which means you won’t need to compromise on what cargo you carry.

Fiat is renowned the world over for building reliable vehicles and the Doblo van is certainly no different; it has not one but two safety accolades to its name courtesy of the International Van of the Year awards.

Bursting onto the commercial vehicle scene back in the year 2,000, this little runner really does stand the test of time and is ideal for both work and home life, having won the Van of the Year award in 2006 and 2011.

Now in its third generation of design, the Fiat Doblo is essentially a rebadged (these are vans that share the same chassis and platform design, but with interior and exterior styling changes) version of the popular Citroën Berlingo van and boasts many similarities. Read on the review to discover what sets this vehicle apart from the rest, and how you can get your hands on the wheel of a new or used model in no time…  


grey fiat doblo driving on the street


Review highlights:

In this review, we aim to provide an overview of the specifications and features of the 2023 Doblo. Here are some of the main findings:  

  • A sturdy and practical van designed to suit many purposes
  • Car-like driving experience making it easy to drive in town
  • A range of diesel engines are available, including a 1.3 and 1.6 MutliJet variant
  • Six-speed gearbox option
  • Three body options to choose from - short-wheelbase, long-wheelbase, plus a maxi version with a higher roof
  • Four trim levels are also available, from entry-level to more advanced specs
  • It offers a decent ride quality and hardwearing interior materials
  • Airy and spacious inside for a small van
  • Firm handling on the roads supported by traction technology

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What type of van is the Fiat Doblo?

Doblo is a small panel van that is available with three to six doors. Car-like in its size and overall driving style, the van can be configurated to have two doors for access to the cabin plus a rear-access cargo door, alongside side-sliding doors on either side in addition to double rear access doors too. 

Models and Engines in the Range

Over the years, there have been a number of versions available in the UK. Now widely accessible on the used van market, the most popular variants include: 

  • 1.2 Litre Puretech petrol 
  • 1.3 Litre Multijet diesel 
  • 1.5 Litre BlueHDi diesel 
  • 1.6 Litre BlueHDi / Multijet diesel 
  • 2.0 Litre Multijet diesel 
  • 100 kW Electric 

All this talk of various engine types can be confusing, so it allows us to explain the difference between the two key Doblo diesel engines:


What is Multijet?

Multijet is an injection turbodiesel engine used in the Fiat range. Commonplace among Fiat vehicles, the Multijet variant is a newer version of the manufacturer's original ‘common rail’ engine which incorporates multiple injections of power. 

What is BlueHDi?

BlueHDi is a technology developed by Fiat’s parent group that combines both the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) as a way of treating NOx emissions using AdBlue.


Design and Dimensions

Designed predominantly as a leisure activity vehicle, Fiat Doblo Cargo is a small panel van now in its third generation of design. On the outside, it boasts sleek new headlamps which sit above an enlarged front bumper with an incorporated grille for a more assertive look. Let’s not overlook the smoothly sculpted bonnet which completes the new front-end design which we think looks pretty smart.

 In terms of space inside the cargo area, the compact van can comfortably fit two Euro pallets lengthways in the SWB model and up to three Euro pallets in the LWB model. That’s a huge amount of space for a little van! 

The Fiat Doblo Combi version comfortably accommodates passengers and cargo making it an ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and adaptable vehicle that can be used for work or as a family car.


fiat doblo 2023 diesel - size and dimension


Doblo Size Guide 

Don’t be duped by the Doblo’s small size - you know what they say, all good things come in small packages, and this vehicle is no different. In fact, the compact commercial van is BIG in capacity ability thanks to its tardis-like design.

To give you a much better idea of the size, we’ve listed all the key dimensions of the Doblo's short-wheelbase (SWB or Standard L1), long-wheelbase (LWB), and maxi (XL) version models (this has an extra high roof) below:





Maxi SWB (high roof model)

Maxi LWB (high roof model)

Overall length





Overall width





Overall height





Load length





Load width





Load height





Load height (from the ground to cargo floor)





Load volume





Rear door width





Rear door height





Sliding door width





Sliding door height






Doblo's interior space

As you can see from the accompanying dimensions listed above, it can vary in size depending on the model. If you need to maximise the internal space, then chances are you’ll want to opt for the Fiat Doblo Maxi size, LWB high-roof van - this will provide you with extra space in the rear both lengthways and in height too. 

Doblo's payload

Doblo has a 750kg payload rating across the range as standard. However, if you’re looking for a small van with a bigger payload then you’re in luck, as the Doblo’s standard payload can be increased to carry up to 1,005kg of weight.


Exterior and Interior Choices

Fiat knows that each one of its customers is different, so choice is the key to the success and popularity of the brand here. While there are some exterior features that come as standard, there are also some optional extras to choose from too…

Your Doblo will come with twin-opening rear doors, plus one sliding door at the side - a second can be added upon request. Designed to accommodate a variety of business needs, on the inside is where things get even more interesting;

There are a number of bulkheads to choose from depending on how you wish to configure the interior load space, and of course to facilitate numerous size loads. For extra convenience, an internal roof rack is available as well as the option of a roof hatch which means you can carry even the most unusual-sized loads.


fiat doblo interior - steering wheel, console and infotainment


Vehicle Performance

In terms of performance, it does pretty well in its class. It has a punchy delivery of power and performs well on the road, playing to the strengths of its car-like design. More than capable in its ability on both city streets and rural country roads, the confident handling is certainly a selling point which is available in five or six-speed transmission.

For 2023, Fiat has added its Traction+ technology to the Doblo which provides even better grip to all four wheels of the vehicle, leaving even first-time van drivers feeling super safe and comfortable in the cabin.  


Features and Onboard Technology

In this day and age, it’s unlikely you’ll find a van that isn’t equipped with a range of onboard safety features for the driver and passengers, as standard. As you would expect, Fiat is one of the manufacturers at the forefront of technological advancement and passenger safety.

All Doblo models have ESC (Electronic Stability Control) to help stabilise the van when carrying cargo in the rear, which is complemented by ABS (Antilock Braking System), EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution), brake assist, hill-start assist, and much more. The infotainment system features an 8" colour touchscreen display, providing all the information necessary for the driver.    


new fiat doblo technology and performance infographic


How much does the Fiat Doblo cost?

Prices for Doblo vans in the UK vary between models, but you’ll be looking at a price of around £20,000 for a mid-spec diesel variant, making it a pretty competitive contender in terms of value, with low running costs.


Doblo Review & Conclusion

By now we’re sure you’ve got a pretty good idea from this review of what you can expect from a Fiat Doblo van. What’s clear is that the small-sized Doblo is not only a leader in its field, but sets a precedence for other similar-sized commercial vehicles too.

If it’s a compact yet surprisingly spacious and reliable van you’re looking for, then the Doblo ticks all of those boxes - and more! A firm favourite in the industry for over 20 years, this workhorse of a van can easily be overlooked due to its small size, but if it’s practicality, safety, and a joyful drive, then the Doblo could be your ideal match.

Having undergone a revamp in 2023, it now has an even more appealingly bold look which adds to its dynamic business-like design. Pair that with decent ride quality and a hardwearing interior to match, and you’re onto a winner!

Bringing the brand bang up-to-date, Fiat has introduced the E-Doblo - a fully electric Doblo van which includes everything we love about the diesel variant, instead powered by a 50 kW/h battery motor. However, if you’re not quite ready to make the transition to a fully electric van just yet, then the good news is that the standard diesel variant is pretty inexpensive to run.

fiat e-doblo charging near terrace

Overall, it is a very practical and affordable MPV that is also reasonably inexpensive to run! The 7-seater Doblo people carrier really does have room for everyone - and everything else you need to carry on the journey as well.



Fiat Doblo FAQs

We’ve answered your most frequently asked questions about this van - read on to find out more:


Is the Fiat Doblo a reliable van?

Yes, Fiat Doblo reliability and performance are well-known and stand the test of time. It has been in circulation since the year 2,000 and has seen three generations of design in that time in a bid to ensure the Doblo remains a key player in the small van market.


Is a Doblo bigger than a Berlingo?

When comparing the Fiat's Doblo against one of its rivals - the Citroën Berlingo van, the Doblo Cargo comes up shorter in length but is slightly wider than the Berlingo, and the standard SWB and LWB versions are marginally shorter too. This means that the Berlingo is bigger than the Doblo Cargo, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive - so don’t be fooled by the size!


Is a Fiat Doblo van the same as a Vauxhall Combo?

Basing itself on one of the frontrunners in the small van market, the Vauxhall Combo is built upon the same platform as the Fiat Doblo. As such, it shares many similarities while still having a number of differences too, making the Doblo stand out from its rivals.


How long does a 1.3 Multijet engine last?

Designed by Fiat to be the lightest and smallest diesel engine on the market, the Doblo’s 1.3 Litre Multijet is perfectly sized for its car-like structure. Built to perform over a sustained period of time, a 1.3 Multijet easy engine can last up to 155,000 miles - a marked improvement from the previous design which averaged around 93,000 miles.


What is the mpg for a Doblo?

The number of miles per gallon can vary between models, but the manufacturer states you can expect to achieve up to 56.5mpg with the 1.3 Multijet engine variant. The real mpg will depend on many factors, such as the cargo weight, speed, fuel quality, driving style etc. 


How much horsepower does a Doblo van have?

When it comes to horsepower, Fiat likes to offer its Doblo customers a range of options; expect a minimum 80hp engine up to 120hp depending on your needs.


What is the starting problem in the Fiat Doblo van?

Like all vehicles, Doblo is no stranger to problems, and if not looked after properly, minor issues can lead to major fixes. When talking about Fiat Doblo van problems, the most commonly reported one affecting is the starter motor, which can corrode over time. But, regular servicing and maintenance will help to ensure that potential problems can be addressed in plenty of time.


fiat doblo combi and panel van parked - banner


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