• Dropsides and Tippers... Are they the right vehicle for you?

Dropsides and Tippers... Are they the right vehicle for you?

Available from North Cheam, Surrey!

  • Published: 14 June 2021

When you're choosing a vehicle for your business it is important that you select the right type so that you can carry out all of your business activities effectively and efficiently. You need to have a vehicle that is fit for purpose for every part of your business.

Depending on the type of business you run, you might find that panel van or Lutons just aren't suited for the loads you're carrying. For example, carrying building and garden materials are more suited to dropside and tipper vans.

They provide a large and flat loading area that is simply surrounded by sideboards leaving it as open space. These sideboards can be folded down on a drop side so that forklifts, shovels or people can have direct access to the load area.

Tippers are different to dropsides because the entire load area can be mechanically raised up at an angle to tip the load out the back. Dropsides vans are able to carry a greater payload than a tipper, but it lacks in the payload. It more than makes up for practical advantages because loading and unloading can be very fast.

Dropside trucks are available in a single cab or crew cab meaning that you can carry up to six passengers. Dropsides are particularly useful for builders and anyone else that needs to transport a dirty or bulky load because they offer a generous payload and great practicality.

A tipper truck could be the answer if you need to carry loose items such as soil, sand, cement, branches, logs, stone, gravel or anything else that you could think of. Once you get to your destination you only need to open the tailgate and tip it all out saving hours of manpower and shovelling!

Typical Specifications - Dropside:

​Load Space DimensionsLength: 3m
Width: 2m​
(with a double cab)
​Typical Fuel Consumption20 - 30mpg​
​Seats (inc driver with a double cab)6​

Typical Specifications - Tipper​:

​Load Space DimensionsLength: 3m
Width: 2m​
​​Typical Fuel Consumption​20 - 30mpg
​Seats (inc driver)​3

We cater for people living in the capital, London. Loads of Vans is just a short commute away from the centre of London and you can get to us via the A3 and A24. Alternatively, London Underground station Morden is located nearby and one of our dedicated team will be more than happy to pick you up from the station.

Most Popular Dropsides and Tippers

Here are some of the most popular dropsides and tippers we have on-site:

Vauxhall Dropside - Movano Dropside
Vauxhall Movano Dropside
Nissan Dropside - NT400 Cabstar
Nissan NT400 Cabstar Dropside
Ford Dropside - Transit Chassis Cab
Ford Transit Chassis Cab
Peugeot Dropside - Boxer
Peugeot Boxer Dropside
Fiat Dropside - Ducato
Fiat Ducato Dropside
Citroen Tipper - Relay
Citroën Relay Tipper

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