• Benefits Of Electric Vans For Londoners

Benefits Of Electric Vans For Londoners

For many businesses, selecting the perfect vehicle demands consideration of many factors. From the purchasing price to model type, flexibility to running costs, there is a lot to consider. 

With the rise in electric van technology and the associated advantages of selecting just an EV model, the choice is becoming far simpler. 

So, what are the benefits of going all-electric for your next commercial vehicle? For those in and around London, the advantages are plentiful, including cost, efficiency, and even health benefits. At Loads of Vans in North Cheam, we’re able to provide you with details on the benefits that will undoubtedly help you make the right decision over whether to go electric.

✔​ Low emissions motoring

First and foremost, the overwhelming advantage of choosing an all-electric vehicle is the reduction in CO2 emissions. The UK government has pledged to reduce CO2 emissions and is actively encouraging motorists - both private and commercial - to move towards hybrid and electric vehicles. For businesses, this means having to reassess their fleet requirements accordingly, and consider alternative options.

By going electric, you’ll be able to play your part in cutting the emissions from the automotive sector. There are no fuels being burned and thus harmful gases are not being emitted into the air. The cumulative effect of this - particularly in a congested city such as London - means air pollution will be reduced and a higher standard of air quality will positively impact the health of residents.

✔​ Reduced costs

For commercial drivers that operate in the capital, they’ll be more than aware of the associated costs that really add up. It’s not just petrol and diesel costs that eat into your budget, but fees such as the London Congestion Charge, Ultra Low Emissions Zones fees, and Clean Air Charging Zones that are required to be paid. The Congestion Charge fee alone is £11.50 per day which adds up to expensive working practices.

When choosing an all-electric van, Londoners will be exempt from these charges. With no CO2 emissions, there’s no charges to pay. Simple as that. Plus, you will often find even more ways to save, with free or reduced parking available across selected London boroughs.

✔​ Driveability

A bug bear for any motorist in London is the traffic. Stop. Start. Stop. Start. It’s a drawn out process that can prove trying for even the most patient motorist. Queuing can eat away at your fuel reserves and contribute to the wear and tear of your vehicle too. When choosing an electric van, you have the added advantage of being able to tackle driving in the city with ease.

Electric vehicles predominantly come with an automatic transmission and provide instant torque. This means that the stop and start nature of London traffic is easier to manage, not only for the vehicle, but also on your legs. Most electric vans offer enough range to overcome any commuting need, so you will never be caught short when in traffic.

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