• Van Warranty

Van Warranty


Extended van warranty

All of our used vehicles benefit from a mechanical safety check and come with the necessary warranties and MOTs. However, we do strongly recommend that you purchase an extended van warranty

What is covered under a warranty?

Our Platinum Cover with the RAC covers you for anything mechanical, electrical, the labour to fit, and is available for up to four years. Your warranty extension will cover your vehicle from the day your manufacturer's warranty expires. The Platinum Cover is so extensive that only those items NOT covered are listed in the policy. There is NO limitation on mileage and NO limit on the number of claims you can make (up to the retail value of the vehicle in total).

Van warranty insurance - Gap insurance 

We’re pleased to offer Finance GAP Insurance to help protect your van. GAP stands for Guaranteed Asset Protection, and is a worthwhile protection for new or nearly new vehicles. 

In the event you suffer a total loss of your van, the insurance company will place a value on it which they describe as the current value. This is neither the amount that you paid for it, nor the cost of an equivalent replacement vehicle. In fact, the discrepancy may be a very significant amount of money.

How does GAP insurance protect your van?

In simple terms, GAP Insurance covers you for the additional loss you may experience because the market value of your van is less than the cost of replacing it. There are a range of different GAP products relating to various purchasing methods, such as contract hire, HP, leasing etc. Visit the finance section to see all the available van finance deals we have.

Finance GAP Insurance helps you to retain financial security and peace of mind when you need it most. You could even receive up to the original purchase price.

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