Pick-Up Trucks

Immensely popular in the US, the pick-up market in the UK is starting to, well, pick up; so much so that the UK pick-up sector became Europe's biggest market for mid-sized trucks in 2015. These light-duty trucks are useful for passenger transport, agriculture and commercial uses.

Pick-ups provide genuine off-road capability thanks to its four-wheel drive. They are tough and capable vehicles with a load space of approximately 1.5m squared and can typically carry a payload of around 1,000kg.

One of a pick-up's biggest strength is their towing ability. Usually they have a towing capacity of well over 2,000kg. In the UK, the most popular type of pick-up is the 1-tonne mid-sized, double cab pick-up.

As more pick-ups are being produced they are being refined and provide a more car-like driving experience. One of the biggest benefits of a pick-up truck is its commercial vehicle classification. This means that company car users can avoid the Benefit-in-kind company car tax and businesses can reclaim the VAT, exactly the same as they can with a van.

Typical Specifications

Load Space Dimensions Length: 1.5m
Width: 1.5m (with double cab)
Payload 1,000 - 1,100kg
Typical Fuel Consumption 30 - 40mpg
Seats (inc driver) 5 (with double cab)

Most Popular Pick-Ups

Here are some of the most popular pick-ups we have on site:

Toyota Pick-Up Truck - Hilux
Toyota Hilux
Mitsubishi Pick-Up Truck - Triton
Mitsubishi Triton

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