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Wilsons Purchase Loads of Vans Site and Showroom

After many years of renting our Cheam site, we have now bought it from its long term owners. We had to compete with a property company that wished to buy it to build flats on it. This is a great opportunity for us in the long term, which secures our future and gives us the flexibility we need to be able to control and run our business in the best interests of Vans Sales.

Congratulations to the van sales department for their continuing sales success; it is important that we recognise that the various and multiple activities of Wilsons are not stand alone parts, but they all interrelate, to create the whole.

We all depend on each other, and with our business being largely Epsom based, rather than spread out around the county or country like lots of motor groups, it reinforces that we are one big, local family of people that work and live in the area; who contribute to the local economy; and who contribute to the local community.

Here is to the continued success of our company in both Epsom and Cheam. Whilst realising in particular that one can have great sites, the secret of our success is our people.

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