BEAT THE TARIFF | Loads of Vans

Is now the time to buy a van before the Brexit deadline?

Without a Brexit deal in place come 31st December, trade bodies are warning there will be up to a 22 per cent tariff on all vans and trucks. These tariffs are much higher than the small margins of most manufacturers and would almost certainly need to be passed on to consumers, increasing the cash price of all vans. This could also impact the choice of vehicles, if manufacturers are forced to reconsider the availability of some of their vehicles.

Beat the tariff NOW and order your van before the price increase, to secure unmissable deals.

There is no better time to get the van your business needs. Loads of Vans understands there could be an urgency to get a van before Brexit, but knows some businesses may not be able to part with the full sum of money. Van leasing deals with Loads of Vans allow you to spread the cost out across a number of years, enabling you to get the vehicle your business needs and escape any price rises Brexit may cause.

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