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Are You Euro 6 Compliant?

Are You Euro 6 Compliant?

Are You Euro 6 Compliant?

If you don't own a Euro 6 van, then the short answer is no. The only question left to ask is why don't you have Euro 6 compliant van?

We're sure that there are a number of reasons for why you haven't upgraded yet, including:

  • Euro 5 vans are 'cheaper'
  • Euro 6 vans effect your payload
  • You just bought a new van last August (or whenever you actually bought your last van)

What if we told you that none of these reasons should stop you from buying a Euro 6 van?

Why Buy Euro 6?

Aside from the obvious advantages of having the latest specification and technology, London Mayor Sadiq Kahn will be putting an Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in Central London in 2020. Euro 5 engines will be subject to a daily charge of £12.50 that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year regardless of bank holidays​. So, a van that is currently cheaper to buy now will greatly depreciate in value with every year closer to 2020. Therefore, if you have a Euro 5 van it would be best if you part exchange it now for a Euro 6 to maximise its value.

New Euro 6 engines will be allowed to travel in the ULEZ without paying the additional £12.50 daily charge. If you travel into Central London every day during the business week, you could accumulate additional fees of up to £3,250 per year.​

As a result of the stricter emission levels set by the European Commission, Euro 6 vans have increased engine efficiency which means better fuel economy and less frequent trips to the pumps. In turn, if you're putting less petrol in that means that you are spending less money on your van making it cheaper in the long run than its Euro 5 counterparts.

Special Euro 6 Offer

Renault Trafic Business

SL27 dCi 95PS Euro 6 

Including free air con and alarm

From £11,999* + VAT

Leasing £165pm + VAT

Contract Hire £179pm

Save £8,246

Renault Trafic Euro 6

*£500 delivery charge applicable

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