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Available in North Cheam, Surrey

NISSAN E-NV200 40KWH ACENTA With 5 Years / 60,000 Miles Warranty & 8 Years / 100,000 Miles Battery Warranty

Only £20,999* - Was £27,219 - Save £6,220

Take Out A Finance Lease Deal From £345 + VAT Per Month with a £1,000 + VAT Deposit

Also available in 5 and 7 Seats - perfect for Taxi and Uber Drivers in London

Exempt from any ULEZ charge and Congestion zone charge

The 100% electric Nissan E-NV200 compact van is the ideal solution for a city business workhorse. It produces zero emissions whilst driving making it exempt from city centre restrictions, pollution legislation and road tax.

The new 40kWh battery taken from the New Nissan Leaf gives the E-NV200 van an extended range up to 188 miles which is more than enough to complete a week's worth of local journeys.

Nissan have claimed that it could cost as little as two pence per mile to run depending on your electricity tariff when charging at home. Based on this assumption, and that you will be travelling around 20,000 miles in a year, you could save approximately £3,600 in fuel costs (based on the current price of diesel).

Your savings could be boosted further if you work within the congestion charge zone. The E-NV200 boasts zero CO2 emissions and therefore is not subject to the £11.50 daily charge, saving you £57.50 per week. If you multiply this figure by 48 weeks - allowing for annual leave - you could be saving an additional £2,760.

These two figures added together, plus the annual payment of £250 road tax means you could be saving over £6,500 per year, so within 3 years alone, you would've paid this van off entirely.

For those that are living in London, you can easily get to us via road and rail. We have the most extensive Nissan E-NV200 stock available and you can get to us via the A3 and A24 roads. Also, London Underground station Morden is in proximity and one of our team will be more than happy to collect you once you arrive. Morden tube station is just a 10-minute drive to our premises. So, if you live in London and interested in one of the best electric vans on the market, please do get in touch!




Quick Charger
Quick Charger - 40 to 60 Minutes*
Wallbox - 7 Hours 30 Minutes*
Domestic Plug
Domestic Plug - 21 Hours 30 Minutes

Charging the E-NV200 is easy, just connect the van to one of three charging points depending where you are and how quickly you need some more juice. Using the CHAdeMO quick charger network available at motorway service stations, Nissan dealers and certain charging pods you can reach 80% charge in as little as 40 minutes.

Alternatively, you can charge at home. If you have a wallbox installed, you can reach a full charge in seven and a half hours so you can charge while you sleep. If you don't have a wallbox, you can still charge using a domestic plug. This method does take a lot longer though with a full charge estimated in around 21 and a half hours.


Similar to the NV200 diesel van, the E-NV200 has a load space of 4.2m​³​ which is easily able to fit two Euro pallets; there's even enough space for a long ladder thanks to the optional folding bulkhead which increases the load length to 2.04m.

Loading and unloading is made easier because the load area is only 524mm from the ground. The 60/40 split rear doors help to accommodate wider and taller loads. There's 1.5m of space from wall-to-wall and 1.36m of stand-up room to carry loads up to 705kg.


E-NV200 Panel Van
Panel Van
E-NV200 Combi 5-Seater
Combi 5-Seater
E-NV200 Combi 7-Seater
Combi 7-Seater

The E-NV200 is available in three different versions to suit the needs of your business. As a panel van, it is able to transport up to two people with a load space area of 4.2m​³​. 

The Combi 5-Seater version, as the name suggests, can carry up to five people at a time which is perfect if you need to transport both people and cargo. The load area is reduced to 1.9m​³, but that is still plenty of space to transport goods. 

Finally, you can choose the Combi 7-Seater. Built for businesses that carry people instead of cargo, there's room for up to seven people to travel in comfort with all their luggage.


For starters, the battery itself has been meticulously engineered and tested. British Gas, among other companies, have been using the E-NV200 in their large fleet to uncover and overcome any problems that arise from working life before the mass launch of this 40kWh version.

Using the NissanConnect EV app you can control the van's charging remotely and track its charging progress. The steering wheel and instrument display have been taken from the Leaf with standard equipment that includes a colour rear view camera, Bluetooth and climate control.

NissanConnect EV App
NissanConnect EV App
Instrument Display
Instrument Display

***Time dependent on charging conditions, including Quick Charger type and condition, battery temperature and size as well as ambient temperature at point of use. Indicated semi-fast (home) charging time requires use of a 32A / 6.6kW (7kW) wall box. All charging times are shown for a 40kW battery.