Are you Euro 6 Compliant?

Why buy Euro 6?

The main aim of the Euro 6 standards is to reduce the level of harmful gases being emitted, but that doesn't mean that you can't personally profit from the new engine technology:

  • Euro 5 engines will be subject to Central London's Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) daily charge of £12.50.
  • The ULEZ comes into action in 2020 and will operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year regardless of bank holidays. If you travel into Central London every day during the business week, you could accumulate additional fees of up to £3,250 per year.
  • Euro 5 vans are currently cheaper to buy, but they will greatly depreciate in value with every year closer to 2020. Therefore, if you have a Euro 5 van it would be best if you part exchange it now for one that is Euro 6 compliant to maximise its value.
  • Euro 6 vans have increased engine efficiency which means better fuel economy and less frequent trips to the pumps.
  • If you run a fleet, decreasing your company's carbon footprint could help with taxation.
  • Euro 6 vans have the latest specification and technology.

Can I Upgrade My Euro 5 Van Now?

If you currently have a finance lease agreement for your Euro 5 van, you can upgrade it right now to one of the latest Euro 6 models. Better still, if you have less than half of your agreement term left, you could upgrade your van for the same monthly payments. So, you would be getting a brand new Euro 6 compliant van with the latest technologies for no extra cost. Alternatively, if you are a cash buyer with a Euro 5 van to part exchange, now is the best time to upgrade to Euro 6 so that you can receive the maximum price for your van. 

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