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Total Security

At Loads of Vans, we have a great range of accessories for your commercial model. We understand the importance of ensuring that your vehicle and its contents are safe and secure. Many people have expensive or dangerous tools, or other valuable goods stored in their vans, and that's why we provide accessories for improved and total security.

Our experts can supply and fit a range of locks for your van doors to help prevent theft or break-ins. Choose from deadlocks and slam-locks to ensure that your doors are securely locked.

For the cabin, we can install a security grille to separate the front from the rear. This is not only beneficial for your safety and protection in case cargo moves in transit, but it also acts as a barrier to the glass and increases the security of the van's contents. Made from stainless steel, the grilles are built to last. You could also opt for a bulkhead for similar reasons and to act as a deterrent to thieves.

Internal cages can also be fitted, where you can keep your cargo locked away. We also fit state-of-the-art alarms for your peace of mind and provide high-security tool boxes for better storage of your equipment.

Call us today for more information and to find out about our latest range. We can provide a quote over the phone, online or in showroom. Click the Live Chat button to speak instantly to a member of the team or fill out our online enquiry form.

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