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Van Ply Lining and Flooring

When your van needs some added accessories for safety, comfort or practical reasons, Loads of Vans can help. We have the best selection of products that can enhance your driving and working experience, so you can get things done quicker and with more efficiency.

Alongside a vast selection of exterior and interior goods, we also sell and fit ply lining and flooring to your van's cargo cabin. There are lots of benefits to lining your van in this way. Not only does it protect and secure the van's shell, but each process is custom-made to suit your individual van and your business needs.

Select from 12mm non-slip flooring that is custom-built, as well as 15mm custom-built designs made from Birch Wood Hardcore. You also have the option of an 18mm non-slip flooring that can be custom-built for your needs. Sleek grain patterns ensure that the lining looks smart, and you can ensure that every aspect is installed by professionals. As standard, 6mm of ply is fitted on the sides and doors, while floors and wheel boxes are fitted with 9.5mm.

Everything we sell is of the highest standard of manufacture quality, and we won't be beaten on price. Our engineers ensure that you have the pattern and design you want and need to suit a variety of commercial purposes.

Our ply lining range consists of the following:

  • Hardcore centre
  • Durability
  • Design patterns crafted by our engineers
  • Bespoke customisation
  • Sleek grain patterns
  • 6mm as standard on the sides and doors
  • 9.5mm as standard on the floor and wheel boxes
  • Optional 12mm non-slip flooring built to custom orders
  • Optional 15mm built to custom orders (Birch Wood Hardcore)
  • Optional 18mm non-slip flooring built to customer orders

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